Distinguished Service Award Winners

Distinguished Service Award Winners

These members of the community have been recognized as those who embody our core values. Thank you to the following award winners for their time and service!

Quest Chairman’s Award

This award goes to the customer company that had the highest level of engagement with Quest the past calendar year.

2019 winner:

Westmoreland Coal Company

Newcomer Award

A new customer member who has jumped right in and become involved with Quest.

2019 winners:

Pam Dymoke, Hennepin County

User Group Distinguished Service Award

User group leaders who are exceptional in their efforts to help grow and serve their respective communities. They consistently go the extra mile to help their groups excel in some of Quest’s core areas, including content, networking, and influence. 

2019 winners:

Ashley Morris, Westfield Group
Jennifer Bentley, Lockton
Ariel Ross, Colas

Customer Content Contributor Distinguished Service Award

A customer who consistently presents excellent content for the Quest Oracle Community.

2019 winners:

Aaron Engelsrud, Capella University
John Phillips, Interstate Batteries
Chantelle Cory, LSB Industries, Inc.

Oracle Employee Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to an Oracle employee who demonstrates exceptional commitment and support to the Quest community.

2019 winners:

Manuel Neyra, Oracle
Bob Monahan, Oracle
Lisa Conley, Oracle
Tammy Boyles, Oracle

Business Partner Distinguished Service Award

Business partners who have provided Quest with exceptional support throughout the year.

2019 winners:

Alexis Burnett, EmeraldCube Solutions
Jeff Micallef, MIPRO Consulting
Marcus Bode, SpearMC Consulting

Quest Networking Distinguished Service Award

A user that frequently participates in Quest’s Networking Opportunities both online and at face-to-face conferences. The recipient(s) has a history of building relationships and offering consistent support and advice.

2019 winner:

Heather Phillips, Little Rapids Corporation

Standing Ovation Award

Standing Ovation Awards are presented to a members of our community who achieve outstanding presenter scores at COLLABORATE, RECONNECT, and INFOCUS.

2019 winners:

Daniel Bohner, Amalgated Sugar Company
Pam Dymoke, Hennepin County
Justin Skaggs, Worthington Industries
Darsh Panchu, The Mitre Corporation
Samuel Hauskens, Caesars Entertainment
Andrew Bediz, Intrasee

Tom Colbert, CSS International
Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton
Jim Hayes, GSI, Inc.
Tyger Vollrath, PS WebSolution

A.J. Schifano, Oracle
Matthew Haavisto, Oracle
Rebekah Jackson, Oracle
Aparajeeta Deshpande, Oracle
Guy Waterman, Oracle

Congratulations to all of our award-winners!