Oracle Fusion Cloud Days

November 12 - November 14, 2024

Oracle Cloud digital learning for all stages of your Cloud journey.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud Days
Three days of focused panel discussions and customer success stories built around key priority areas for the Oracle Cloud Community​

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Session Schedule:

Monday, August 7

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Oracle Cloud HCM: Overview of Enhanced Profiles

Presented by:
Nagaraju Mylapuram, Oracle

Join in this webinar focused on Workflows and Approvals within Oracle Cloud HCM. Specific topics include:
• Overview of Enhanced Profiles
• Integration with other modules
• Profile Types – Person & Model profiles
• Templates, Content sections, profile items
• Content Section access
• Talent Ratings
• Troubleshooting access issues
• Using Profile Diagnostics
• Reference documents
• Q&A
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

In Case You Missed It! A Future so bright – Latest Strategy and Exciting Innovations in Oracle Cloud HCM

Presented by:
Guy Waterman, Oracle

Oracle Cloud Summit Replay: The importance of employees has become essential to the survival of organizations. At Oracle, we are dedicated to supporting our HR communities as they design employee experiences that matter. Join Guy Waterman, Global Strategy Lead and Vice President for Oracle People Analytics, HCM Technology and Innovation, as they share the innovations that will allow HR to deliver a future designed with employee experience.

Hear about the key trends and challenges, we’re helping customers address, as well as details to help you know what to expect and prepare for specific product innovations and enhancements. Walk away with an understanding of the newest solutions in HCM, how they can impact your organization, and where Oracle HCM is headed in the future.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Transition or Transformation or Both? Caribbean Hotel and Casino’s Journey to Cloud

Presented by:
Pramod Alluri, Datavail

We often hear that change is inevitable; transformation is optional. The hospitality industry has always been a pioneer in customer experience. The industry is now transforming those customer experiences with digital transformation solutions, looking at all aspects of business, from the actual guest experience to operational efficiency.

One world-renowned hospitality brand, Caribbean Hotel and Casino decided to take this challenge head-on to transition and transform its operational processes and systems to better align with market best practice standards, reduce the cost of technology, lower the total cost of ownership, and increase the efficiency of their operations. Most importantly, the Caribbean Hotel and Casino wanted to provide a robust and best-in-class platform for employees to work and attract new talent.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover how they transitioned their On-Prem systems onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
• Understand the benefits of consolidating HR systems into a unified cloud platform, including simplified complexity and consistent employee experience.
• Explore how cloud technologies helped the company adapt to new ways of working and improve its workforce management practices.
• Learn about transforming legacy ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP SaaS roadmap.

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

How OGL became our biggest opportunity for continuous change management while implementing Oracle for 117,000 Caregivers

Presented by:
Gaylene McCluskey, Providence Health and Services
Kayla Danay, Providence Health and Services

Oracle Guided Learning became the “go to” for our end users when we went live with HCM Cloud and continues to be an essential tool for transactions that end users complete less frequently. OGL becomes a powerful source for change management if you dedicate resources, listen to end user feedback, and have a regular cadence for modifications. This session will be dedicated to sharing our successes and opportunities.

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Tuesday, August 8

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Customization in Oracle HCM Cloud

Presented by:
Mobin Eapen, Oracle

This session will be focused on an introduction to customization within Oracle Cloud HCM to include:
– Sandbox and Tools
– User Interface Text
– Structure
– HCM Design Studio
– Page Composer
– Q&A
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Transitioning to Oracle Recruiting Cloud – Lessons Learned

Presented by:
Emily Crow, Choctaw Nation
Tabitha Robinson, Choctaw Nation

Three years after HCM go-live, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma replaced Taleo with Oracle Recruiting Cloud. We will present our lessons learned (good and bad) as well as our advice for a successful implementation.
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

The Essential Blueprint for Regression Testing Your Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates

Presented by:
Dimpy Sharma, Opkey

If you’re at all involved with Oracle Cloud testing, then you know how tedious regression testing can be. We’re here to help. In this session, we’ll explain why regression testing is vital to business continuity, we’ll describe the core challenges associated with Oracle Cloud HCM regression testing, and we’ll describe how to address those challenges with intelligent test automation. ‍ Join Dimpy Sharma, Opkey’s VP of Product Solutions, as she shares insights on best-practices and strategies for ensuring your organization can efficiently and thoroughly regression test quarterly updates.
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

New Time & Labor Functionality in Release 23B

Presented by:
Surya Prakash, Denovo

Oracle has been a busy bee providing different features and tools to clients on Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps. All releases are bundled with multiple features or functionality. The recent 23B has made remarkable changes in Oracle Cloud Time and Labor module. The UX has been enhanced by providing the employee and manager timecard pages with matrix view. It was a long process to sync the manager/employee RUI time page view with time admin view. Release 23B has made this more effective. The compensatory absence plan balance was not calculating correctly when the time was rejected. The earned time was not deducting on time rejection. Release 23B has fixed this issue that compensatory absence plan balance will be added only when the timecard is approved. The absence measured in hours was only available in timecard page. Release 23B has made the feasibility to include the absences on timecard page measured in days also. This can be taken care of through configuration updates on absence type page and time category having the list of absences in days which should be displayed on the time page.

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Wednesday, August 9

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Oracle HCM Cloud : Workflows and Approvals

Presented by:
Neelakanta Reddy, Oracle

Join in this webinar focused on Workflows and Approvals within Oracle Cloud HCM. Specific topics include:
· Approval Management Overview
· Approval Rules
· Transaction Console/Oracle BPM Worklist
· Approval Simulator (Test Rules)
· Export/Import Approval Rules
· Change Notification Subject/Title
· Approval Delegations
· Reporting on Workflows
· Q&A
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

HCM Cloud Community Release Management Roundtable

Presented by:
Kathy Froelich, McDonald’s Corporation
Emily Crow, Choctaw Nation

We invite you to participate in our Community Meetup as part of Cloud HCM Week. Join us on Wednesday at 12:30 PM EST for an engaging roundtable discussion focused on Release Management. This is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into how different professionals handle releases and testing.
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Extending Your Cloud Potential with Visual Builder

Presented by:
Michael Marthe, Elire
Chris Costakes, Elire

Oracle recently expanded its service offering and connectivity within Oracle HCM. Customers can now leverage delivered Visual Builder capabilities (previously available in PaaS) to extend their HCM applications, as well as build custom solutions that look and feel like applications in their HCM Redwood ecosystem. In this session, dive into the visual builder and customer use cases. Attendees will learn the basics of using visual builder, understand potential use cases for their own implementations, and discover benefits and implications within their current HCM landscape. This session will support those who are:
– Thinking about moving to Cloud HCM or currently implementing and need a solution for custom requirements
– Live on Cloud HCM but looking to optimize or extend the application
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

JDE Migration 5 years later

Presented by:
Mark Jenkins, Oracle

Oracle Cloud Summit Replay: Overhead Door was one of the earliest adopters of the HCM Cloud migrating from JD Edwards HR. Learn how this transition has helped the organization focus on improving employee experiences and becoming a top rated and most desired place to work.

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Thursday, August 10

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Oracle Cloud HCM: HCM Extract – Outbound Integration Functionality & Troubleshooting

Presented by:
Prateek Shukla, Oracle

This session will provide an overview of HCM Extracts, Key Components, Design and much more.It will help in basic understanding of Extracts building blocks for designing HCM Extract as per business requirement.

We are also going to cover how to troubleshoot issues (errors, performance etc) in HCM Extracts and understanding log files for analysis.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Demographic Reporting on Employees Leveraging Oracle Journeys

Presented by:
Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Baylor University

Demographic reporting enables organizations to demonstrate compliance with these requirements by providing data on workforce composition and practices. At Baylor University, we are required to administer the self-identification survey during the onboarding process and re-survey all current faculty and staff every five years. This fall, the university is launching an Oracle Journey to survey the population and gather data on equal employment opportunity, as mandated for federal reporting purposes.
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Northwell Health Streamlines Oracle Update Testing, Minimizing the Impact to Business by Reducing Testing Timelines by 70%

Presented by:
Julian Andronic, VP of Sales, Opkey
Kamel Abdul-Rassoul, Senior Manager of Testing Center of Excellence, Northwell Health

Certifying your Oracle Cloud HCM & ERP patch updates can be a stressful process that drains your internal resources.

That was the situation Northwell Health faced before they decided to partner with Opkey.

Opkey automated these patch update cycles, saving Northwell time, money, and effort. Additionally, Opkey empowered Northwell to take advantage of new features faster, with the assurance that their apps wouldn’t go down.

This webinar will tell the story of Northwell Health’s update processes before and after Opkey, and provide best-practices to help ensure your organization is equally as prepared to handle quarterly updates.

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Unlocking the Connection Between Talent Management & Compensation

Presented by:
Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Baylor University

By connecting Oracle Talent Management with the Compensation Module, organizations can streamline their compensation processes and align compensation decisions with performance reviews. Performance ratings and assessments gathered within the Oracle Talent Management module can be seamlessly utilized in the Compensation Module.

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Join the Wendy’s IT leadership as they share how this fast food giant made the shift to Cloud. Hear about their journey and leverage their insights to build your move to Cloud blueprint.

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Key Oracle Speakers at Cloud Apps Week include:

Gary Grieshaber
Group Vice President, Applications Development
Yvette Cameron
SVP of Global HCM Strategy
Nancy Estell Zoder
VP of Cloud Product Strategy
Surya Kommareddy
Director of Industry Strategy, Manufacturing

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