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At RECONNECT, PeopleSoft users of all levels can dig into new releases, dive deep into practical learning, get new ideas from best practices and hone their core PeopleSoft skills.

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This year’s conference focuses on:

“We all have valuable knowledge and Quest events give us the chance to share with the very people who need it most!”

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RECONNECT 22 Hot Topics

PeopleTools 8.60

Utilize the newest features and functionality in PeopleTools 8.60 to reduce operating costs, automate manual work, improve user experience, and more! 


The PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle (PICASO) takes Peoplesoft chatbots and turns them into a single PeopleSoft Digital Assistant! There’s no longer a need to have a chatbot for each business area or skill because now it’s all in one place. This out-of-the-box, one-stop shop is the go-to for PeopleSoft’s conversational interface. 


Kibana is a powerful, open-source analytic tool that provides rich analytics and visualization, improved understanding of your data, and enables better decision-making. Learn about how Kibana has evolved since its initial release in PeopleTools 8.57 and what use cases benefit most from Kibana vs. other PeopleSoft analytics.


Learn how to personalize the user experience using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface and understand how related content and simplified analytics allow you to get the specific information you need. Also hear about new PeopleSoft tools and frameworks such as Page Composer, Page and Field Configurator, and Activity Guide Composer that enable updates without costly customizations. 

User Experience

User Experience gives users a modern interface and the flexibility to use PeopleSoft applications on any device. Learn to create fluid pages and components and make them available to end users and understand and use the technology to enable user flexibility. 

Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a free PeopleSoft application that is hosted and run on Oracle Cloud. Learn more about how Cloud Manager helps you run PeopleSoft applications on Oracle Cloud and automate the process of the installation and deployment of PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud.

RECONNECT 22 Education Tracks

Enterprise Service Automation (Projects)

Enterprise Services Automation enables project-centric organizations and departments to establish core operational processes that support full project lifecycle management – across operations and finance. 

Procurement (SRM)

Gain tools to help manage suppliers throughout the lifecycle of their relationship – from initial supplier discovery, through qualification and on-boarding, to ongoing maintenance and perhaps eventual obsolescence. 

Supply Chain Management

Leverage this cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain, driving efficiencies in cost savings over your entire supply chain – including your plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes. 

Asset Management

Gain the tools to help your team add and maintain assets, work with leased assets and budgeting, manage maintenance, warranties, repairs, and insurance, and more to manage your assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

Financial Management

Take advantage of world-class finance processes that reduce costs and increase automation to deliver critical business insight. 

Campus Solutions

Leverage PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to quickly adapt to change in today’s dynamic global environment of higher education. 

Human Capital Management

Transform your traditional administrative HR functions into opportunities to drive engagement, productivity, and business value. PeopleSoft HCM can help organizations increase hiring speed, source and recruit top candidates, retain and nurture talent, provide learning and growth opportunities, and increase bench strength by proactively planning for succession. 

Tools and Technology

Learn how to develop new applications, configure existing applications, provide decision support and reporting functionality to decision makers, integrate PeopleSoft applications with each other or other third-party applications, upgrade and update applications, and so much more. 

PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your PeopleSoft application to the cloud enables you to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment. Learn more about how you can automate processes, reduce costs, enhance performance, and continuously innovate with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Migrating to Oracle Cloud

Are you looking into migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications? Look no further. Learn more about how to plan for your move and how to leverage Oracle’s complete cloud suite of SaaS applications for your most important business functions—from enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and human capital management.

Sample Abstracts

Abstract 1

Hays have what Oracle describe as one of the most complex PeopleSoft set ups in Europe. Attend this session to see how they planned and delivered an update that included an uplift of PeopleSoft images in Finance and HCM from PI18 to PI34, upgraded PeopleTools from 8.55 to 8.58. moved to the latest Oracle database 19c and introduced features such as Fluid. All while their whole IT and business staff were working at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.


  • Share the Hays customer experience of successfully updating their PeopleSoft estate during the pandemic and all IT and business staff were working from home. 
  • Share how tools such as PeopleSoft Test Framework can significantly compliment the need for IT and Business acceptance testing. 
  • How new features and functionality can be introduced and provide a framework for adding greater value to users and stakeholders. 

Abstract 2

Contract entry has become a very long and daunting process as our customer contracts are getting more complicated. To address this challenge, we implemented a csv file upload process to create contracts utilizing Component Interface. The new process has saved our company many hours of manual work every month. This presentation will discuss why we needed to implement the new process and show how we got it done.


  • The manual entry of a contract was taking more than 30 hours of user’s time.  
  • We implemented a csv upload process which uses 10 different component interfaces to create contracts, add amounts and discounts, rev plans, bill plans, projects, milestones, and renewals.  
  • Address Challenges  
  • Lack of real time contracts to test in lower environments as the associated projects did not exist there.  
  • We had to add a lot of validations to the process to avoid process failures. 

Abstract 3

While HR Notifications can target specific employees, it can’t send a detailed message, like “Your time on July 21 is in error because X” or “You need to approve time for EE 12345.” But we can use another tool, Alert Framework, for the more detailed, targeted messages we need to send.

Join us to learn how easy it is to send these messages via email and notification! 


  • Attendees will learn the requirements for configuring a query to be used in Alert Framework. 
  • Attendees will be able to configure a notification in 5-10 minutes. 
  • Attendees will be able to determine the process frequency and recurrences that work best for their needs, while not overwhelming employees!


Benefits of presenting at RECONNECT

As an accepted primary presenter at RECONNECT, you’ll earn these exciting benefits:

Primary Customer Speakers: You will receive complimentary full-conference registration valid October 10 – 13, 2022 including access to all breakout sessions, keynotes, and official networking events once you have accepted the session and submitted in your session materials.

Primary Exhibiting or Sponsoring Vendor Speakers: You will receive complimentary full-conference registration valid October 10 – 13, 2022, including access to all breakout sessions, keynotes and official networking events once you have accepted the session and submitted in your session materials.

  • Your company must have a signed contract submitted for October 10 – 13, 2022 in order to be considered an Exhibiting/Sponsoring Vendor. ​
  • Please note: Vendors may only attend RECONNECT if they have a 2022 membership with Quest and if they are sponsoring and/or exhibiting at RECONNECT.​

Non-Exhibitor/Sponsor Vendor Speakers: You will not be able to present/participate in RECONNECT. If you are interested in speaking/participating please reach out to Michael Marks

All speakers will receive:

  • A profile in the Speakers section of the agenda builder and networking platform, through which supplementary materials can be shared.

Speaker Designations

  • Customer Speakers – individuals who work for a company/organization that utilizes at least one (1) Oracle product or service in a business capacity, and does not re-sell services, support, Oracle products or complimentary products to its customers.
  • Vendor Speakers – individuals who work for a company that sells products, services, support or other complimentary offerings to Oracle products or services.
  • Primary speakers – the lead presenter listed in the session information. Please note, there can only be one primary speaker per presentation.

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