December 7 - December 10, 2020

Strategic insight and how-to education for Oracle users of all levels

Quest Experience Week: PeopleSoft Day

Monday, December 7

PeopleSoft Day is packed full of digital education designed to provide strategic insights and how-to-education for PeopleSoft users of all levels. Best of all? Registration is free, so please join us!

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PeopleSoft Day Agenda

11:00 am – 12:15 pm ET

Opening Session

Innovating with PeopleSoft in Today’s Turbulent Times

At Reconnect 2020, you will see presentations from Oracle, customers, and partners on new features and strategic investment opportunities.  Continuous delivery and innovation remain imperatives for delivering value, and yet they are even more challenging now, given unprecedented changes to budgets, operating models and economic outlooks.  In this session, Rebekah Jackson, vice president of product strategy at Oracle, will share insights, trends, and lessons learned from the PeopleSoft Innovators – customers like you that have deployed new capabilities.  Which initiatives delivered value?  Were they worth the cost?  And, if they had it to do over again, would they?

Presented by:
Rebekah Jackson

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm ET

Rotary Modernizes Humanitarian Mission with Move of PeopleSoft and Disaster Recovery to OCI

Are you ready for a cloud evolution? Faiz Hanif, CIO of Rotary International, knew that to deliver on their humanitarian mission and meet increasing philanthropic global demands, the not-for-profit organization needed a high-performing, secure, scalable, and modern cloud platform. Rotary partnered with Oracle Consulting to successfully migrate Rotary’s on-premises PeopleSoft grant application to OCI with Disaster Recovery, which stabilized and enhanced the functionality of their financial environment.
Join Faiz Hanif and Oracle Cloud thought leaders, Stephanie Trunzo and Chris Fox, for a conversation about moving past traditional boundaries, shifting mindsets, and embracing the “art of the possible” to make the world a better place. This webinar will also address the following:
•Gain customer insights, benefits, and lessons learned
•Understand use cases and benefits of moving Oracle apps from on-premises to OCI
•Learn about Oracle’s Cloud Evolution Framework, our signature approach to lead you through your cloud journey, no matter where you are on the path today

Presented by:
Faiz Hanif, CIO, Rotary International
Stephanie Trunzo, GVP, Transformation and Cloud Offerings, Oracle
Chris Fox, GVP, Oracle Cloud Engineering

Migrating PeopleSoft to the Cloud with Effective Performance Monitoring

Organizations that will thrive in tomorrow’s competitive environment must today shift their focus from a legacy “run-and-maintain” mode and embrace innovation. As you explore new ways to maximize investment for your PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM applications, a cloud migration is one of the best ways to optimize your costs, deliver better performance and application usability.

In this session, you’ll learn how to migrate PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM applications simultaneously with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided by Oracle Cloud Certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) Velocity Technology Solutions. You’ll also learn how to gain visibility into the performance of your PeopleSoft applications in the cloud, including users, transactions, and batch processes down to the millisecond with Velocity’s ZOOM analytics solution.

Presented by:
Derek Tomei
Velocity Technology Solutions

Reclaim Valuable Collaboration Time Using PeopleSoft’s Fluid Purchase Order Acknowledgements

PeopleSoft’s Fluid Purchase Order Acknowledgements (POA) provides Buyers with the ability to review and respond to Supplier changes to Purchase Orders. This session will demonstrate and discuss recent improvements to the Buyer’s user experience to POA and highlight key timesaving features. By combining EDX and Online changes into a single component along with exception-based processing, this new functionality provides a simple and efficient user experience. Buyers become more efficient by focusing only on the changes requiring their attention for more effective and timely Supplier collaboration.

Presented by:
Bob Block

PeopleSoft ERP Takeaway Session

Join this sessions to hear from the Financials PUG Leaders that attended RECONNECT on what they learned and experience in the ERP track.

Presented by:
Pam Ingram, Hennepin County
Alicia Kinsey, KAR Global
Angela Osterman, Frankenmuth Insurance
Jennifer Bentley, Lockton

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Simplify PeopleSoft Upgrades and Support with Sentinel

See how Sentinel replaces time consuming reports and makes PeopleSoft support easier for you.
(COMPARE) Instantly identify differences between environments and user security. (AUDIT) A real-time view of users with Correction Access, Sensitive Data and Segregation of Duty conflicts. (SECURITY) Take the guesswork out of security administration. See the exact menus and pages assigned to Users, Roles and Permission Lists.

Presented by:
Biv Ramlukan

How to Overcome the Challenges in PeopleSoft Financial Reporting

Does this sound familiar? “We were running reports in PeopleSoft/nVision, but the data produced was just a point in time. There was no interaction. If a number came out and you wanted to know the data behind it, you had to go into PeopleSoft and create and run several iterations of a query to find the dollar amount and what was behind that.” If that sounds like your organization today, then you won’t want to miss this presentation and live demonstration, where you’ll discover a better way of tackling financial reporting in Peoplesoft that could save you hundreds of hours, ever year.

Presented by:
Mike Wiley, insightsoftware
Emily Anderson, insightsoftware
Sheri Olson, UNC

Top Data Risks in 2021: Develop a Proactive Management Strategy

2020 introduced a myriad of risks to PeopleSoft data, largely from remote and mobile access requirements stemming from COVID-19. With 2021 approaching, organizations must shift their focus from short-term risk mitigation to long-term risk management. After all, phishing, configuration exploits and a host of other attack vectors are only becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Join the PeopleSoft security experts at Appsian as they walk through the top risks to your data in 2021, and how to efficiently implement a long-term risk management strategy that is designed to scale alongside the needs of your business – and alongside the sophistication of various attack vectors!

Presented by:
Greg Wendt and John Jacott

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm ET

Reduce Cost with The Latest in Configuration Features

Configuration is a major initiative for PeopleSoft. Get an overview of the latest features to help you isolate customizations. This enables you to retain your important changes while reducing the time, cost, and effort of taking new images.

Presented by:
Matthew Haavisto

Manage Liquidity and Your Investment Portfolio with PeopleSoft Cash and Treasury Solutions

Managing day to day cash is critical to organizations and they need the tools to accurately forecast cash requirements, ensure liquidity and optimize the use of cash by investing it appropriately. This session will show you how PeopleSoft Cash and Treasury solutions provide the flexibility to better manage cash, project current and long term forecasts, reduce costs, maximize investment and meet regulatory requirements. This session will also cover the roadmap of upcoming initiatives, planned for upcoming PeopleSoft Update Images that will further increase efficiency and visibility and support growing regulatory requirements.

Presented by:
Amira Morcos

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Takeaway Session

Join this sessions to hear from customers that attended RECONNECT on what they learned and experience in the Human Capital Management track.

Presented by:
Nicole Apostola, University of Massachusetts
Loreen Inghram, Westfield
Nancy Ruoff, State of Kansas
Tracy Sewell, County of Ventura

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET

Elasticsearch, Logstash, & Kibana: Latest Features and Best Practices

Learn about all the latest features of ELK and how to use them to best advantage with PeopleSoft.  We’ll cover updates to Search, the varied uses for Kibana for both administrators and application users, and how Logstash is used in Health Center.  We will also take a peek into the future for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana enhancements as well as potential improvements in the Search Framework.

Presented by:
Shamzeer Nambiyath

PeopleSoft HCM Chatbots – A New Way of Engaging with Your Employees

Chatbots are an innovative way to engage your employees to handle routine inquiries and actions with PeopleSoft. Leveraging the Oracle Digital Assistant platform and the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework, your employees can use a modern chat interface to look up information about their colleagues, paycheck, benefits enrollment, absence request status, forecast leave balances, and much more. Come to this session to learn about what chatbots are available with PeopleSoft and what it takes to deploy them at your organization.

Presented by:
Samidha Rege

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