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Cloud Computing SIG July Meeting

Join us for our monthly Cloud Computing SIG meeting!

Oracle Database 21c New Features: Time to Upgrade?

Presented by Erik Benner, Mythics

Database 21c has been available in the cloud for almost a year, bringing new features to the database architect.  Since 12.2 has been released there are many new features, like improved multitenant features, blockchain tables, and automatic indexes. Combined with the new features in 20c, it’s time to see if it is time to upgrade.. or is it?

Learn the latest in the database release cycle and the pros and cons in moving to 21c. This session will also review the easiest ways to upgrade your database, and how multitenant can be used to improve database efficiency. More importantly, learn why you may be better off staying with 19c and still leverage 21c features! Imagine getting the cake and being able to eat it!