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Cloud Computing SIG September Meeting

OCI – Architecting for Performance

Presented by Roger Cornejo, Accenture

This presentation will touch on OCI basics with a particular focus on the elements that go into architecting for performance. Architects have many concerns – not only must the business’s functional requirements be met, but there are other non-functional technical requirements as well, such as scalability, reliability, performance, security, … that cross the infrastructure stack (network, memory, compute, storage). The presenter will guide you through the design decisions that go into establishing an OCI configuration that will meet the technical requirements. This will not be an OCI tutorial [as material on this is broadly available] but will summarize and highlight many of the excellent OCI capabilities.

About the Presenter

ACE, Roger Cornejo has over 36 years of experience with large/complex Oracle applications (versions 4.1.4 – 19c) in roles such as Developer, Tech Lead, Enterprise Architect, Database Architect, and project manager. Roger has a strong background in DB performance analysis and tuning, and for the past 11 years, diving deep into AWR tuning data. As a thought leader, he has been sought out for his expertise in tuning (presenter at the past 11 East Coast Oracle Conferences, as well as INSYNC21, Oracle Open World, COLLABORATE, RMOUG, and Hotsos). Additionally, Roger authored a book on his recent work, Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics: Using Normalized Metrics to Improve Database Speed, the book is available through Amazon and Apress: