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Oracle Database 19c Meet-Up - April 2023

Oracle Database 19c Meet-Up – April 2023

Upgrade Your Database Like a Pro With AutoUpgrade

With support ending or expiring for Oracle database versions before 19c, there’s likely an upgrade in the future. Unfortunately, the technical skills and procedures developed for earlier database versions are no longer supported. New requirements and features introduced in Oracle Database versions 19c and 23c completely change your upgrade workflows! There’s so much to consider that it’s easy to feel intimidated, even overwhelmed!


AutoUpgrade mitigates the risks and fears database administrators face. It offers unparalleled simplicity and control over all phases of the upgrade process, covering every imaginable upgrade and migration scenario. AutoUpgrade’s built-in error detection, correction, and self-healing capabilities protect the database at every step, offering peace of mind in any environment—including those running RAC, Data Guard, GoldenGate, encryption, and legacy and multi-tenant architectures.


In this session, I share practical advice based on my experience upgrading dozens of production databases with AutoUpgrade and working with Oracle’s AutoUpgrade team, including:

  • Insights for planning and preparing for upgrades
  • Demonstrations of essential features and capabilities
  • Recommendations for configuring and running AutoUpgrade
  • How to leverage AutoUpgrade for added visibility and trust

Speaker: Sean Scott

Sean Scott is a Managing Principal Consultant with Viscosity North America, where he helps customers navigate upgrades and migrations, designs resilient and flexible database solutions, develops database and infrastructure automation, and coaches teams on their journeys toward DevOps. Sean is an Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Certified Professional, author, and featured speaker at user group conferences and events worldwide.