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Oracle Database 19c SIG August Meeting

Join us for our monthly Oracle Database 19c SIG meeting!

Underrated Power Tools

Presented by Lothar Flatz

They have a nimbus of substitute solutions: Partition View, DBMS_PARALLE_EXECUTE, and Snapper. They are used, for example, in the Standard Edition, or when the Oracle options are not available. The exact application of the tools is sometimes poorly documented. The nimbus does not do these tools justice. Each of these can do things that the option cannot. In this lecture, you will not only learn how to really use these tools in practice, but you will also learn about their hidden strengths.

About the Speaker

I started to work with the Oracle database using version 5 in 1989. I was 15 years Oracle employee and finally ended up as a member of the Real World Performance Group as principle member of technical staff. In 2012 I left Oracle and became Oak Table Member and somewhat later, Oracle ACE.

I would call myself an Oracle Performance Architect. My intention is always to make software work more efficiently. I will do whatever it takes. Be it a change in the data model, the physical design, the code, the database setup, or even the hardware.

I always believe in scientific methods. I disregard guessing and I favor facts. I hold a US patent in improving certain queries plans, together with my friend, Bjoern Engsig.