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Oracle Database 19c SIG: May 2022

Join us for our monthly Oracle Database 19c SIG meeting!

Filtering sensitive data in flight during database replication

Presented by Valli Ramanathan

Leveraging multiple complex functionalities of Golden Gate to accomplish complex replication of sensitive data with in-flight data filters. Filters explained with examples that can be easily implemented by all. Methods to design secure complex filters with native Oracle tools for replication. In the business space where sensitive and confidential data is being handled and needs special attention, being able to design a solution that utilizes the existing oracle tools rather than buying expensive new tools really helps build the client’s confidence in our ability as oracle consultants.

While working for a client handling a lot of personal and sensitive data (Social security number, Credit Card information), my team was tasked with replicating the data but shrouded in numerous rules that were to be satisfied. The task on hand was to configure full database replication to a secondary database location used by several downstream applications to retrieve data for use with reporting and analytics. Third-party software was being used for the analytics, and so the client requirement was to filter and mask all the sensitive information before it was replicated downstream. We worked closely with the client to understand all the different restrictions and designed a solution leveraging several complex functions in conjunction to accomplish the task. Golden gate affords multiple options that can be used in conjunction to create a complex code-driven replication.

About the Speaker

Sr Manager Database Engineering and application support with over 20+ yrs of experience. Expertise in Design, installation, configuration, and delivery of database solutions end to end. Expertise in Real Application Clustering, Oracle 7x–19c, SQL Server, My SQL, Postgres. Critical analysis and quick problem resolution is one of my key areas of expertise which helps resolve issues in a timely fashion and optimize solutions for the company—highly motivated, self-starter. Oracle Cloud Certified Architect Professional. Recent emphasis on cloud architecture and migrations. Certified AWS cloud practitioner.