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Oracle Public Sector (OPS) Cloud SIG Meeting: April 2022

Please join us for the inaugural Oracle Public Sector SIG Cloud monthly call!

Making the move from on-premise to cloud applications can be challenging for many public sector entities, however, those challenges are diminished with a strong network of other users to share knowledge with. This monthly call will be a place to connect and build that network of public sector users who have already taken the plunge to the cloud, as well as those planning for future cloud migration. In this month’s call, you’ll be introduced to Desiree McFadden, the Oracle Public Sector SIG, VP of Cloud Services. Desiree will share the State of Montana’s ongoing journey to HR cloud technology using a hybrid approach. In addition, we will allow time to discuss future calls and what information you as Oracle public sector users need in order to feel confident in your current or upcoming cloud endeavors.