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Public Sector SIG Meeting - Orchestrator 101 & Its Use Cases

ORCHESTRATOR 101 & ITS MANY USES – You don’t want to miss this! We have the one and only AJ Schifano from Oracle’s JDE E1 Product Management Division to show us the simplifications and efficiencies we can realize with Orchestrator! Are you wondering how your organization could benefit by having Orchestrator? Or maybe you have it, but haven’t realized the true magic it holds. Join us for the call and hear right from Oracle’s own how simple it is to get Orchestrator to save your organization time, money, and frustration. Be the hero by bringing back brilliant time-saving ideas to your Boards and Management! With Orchestrator, our own Public Sector colleagues are implementing seamless integrations between JDE and third party products, accessing information on fleet vehicles’ devices in order to stay ahead on maintenance scheduling, uploading meter change information from utilities customers while simply driving through the area to make billing a breeze, and automatically matching purchase orders with receiving slips and invoices to release encumbrances and enter vouchers for payment. You too can change the way your organization does business – Join us on July 25th at 2:00pm Eastern Time.