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PTF - Automation in Testing, Configuration, Conversion, and Production


The PeopleSoft Test Framework has been available as a PeopleTool for over a decade and has seen a good adoption rate by PSFT clients. It is heavily utilized by Oracle Development itself and serves to test their HCM/FSCM PUM images before each release.

Over the 61 implementations of PTF Elire has developed solutions that cover more then just general unit/system testing cycles.

PTF is a general automation tool and can be leveraged in the following areas:
1. Validation of configuration in one to many environments. PTF can validate or “grab” config from one env and apply to another.
2. Conversion of data – It is capable of replacing Excel to CI and using the UI interface itself to load data via Excel files. This makes it easy for non-technical resources to load data without Excel to CI knowledge.
3. Automate specific repetitive tasks in Production to ease Business load. It can also systematically validate data on top of regular page validation.
4. Testing of all environments

Presented by Valentin Todorow, Managing Consultant, Elire, Inc.