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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Getting Started with OCI Secure Desktops


OCI – Getting Started with OCI Secure Desktops


This session will show how to activate the new Oracle Secure Desktops service, running Windows or Oracle Linux OS. It will also show how easy it is to use a web-based client or native client to access the desktops, which are persistent and can be accessed between multiple devices. See a demonstration of how an IT administrator can create pools of secure desktops in simple steps, and get them dynamically provisioned for end users. It will also explain the comprehensive way that client device access can be managed, and how the administrator can use the service to automate desktop creation by scheduling pools and uptime of desktops.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can lower operational costs and increase security by providing desktops in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to groups of end users. VDI technology allows employees to use their local machines to access desktop applications running on virtual client machines in the cloud, keeping data secure behind firewalls. All compute and storage then reside inside the corporate intranet, while only desktop pixels are shown to the client user through their local machine’s display. The security risk of the client machine is now greatly reduced because sensitive data doesn’t leave the virtual client machine inside the customers Oracle Cloud tenancy.

OCI Secure Desktops is completely integrated with OCI Compute, Storage, and Networking services and provides the flexibility of creating Secure Desktops for your existing OCI tenancy and account by choosing among various Compute shapes and an option to provide dedicated storage space for each desktop user. The virtual desktops reside inside OCI, where all data remains secure while users access enterprise applications.

Presented by:

  • Renato Ribeiro, Senior Director, Oracle Servers Product Management
  • Jan Hendrik Mangold, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Servers Product Management

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