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Cloud 101 for PeopleSoft Application Customers

Are you a PeopleSoft customer curious about what a move to the Oracle Cloud suite of applications might look like? Are you curious about why other organizations have made that move or about how to get started yourself? Come join a panel discussion with PeopleSoft customers who recently migrated to Oracle Cloud applications, and gain first-hand insight into their decision-making process, what has been successful, and what has been challenging. Moderated by Oracle, the panelists will candidly discuss lessons learned and tips for reducing risk, equipping attendees with critical information on making a smooth transition to Oracle Cloud applications.

Moderated by Robbin Velayedam, Oracle

Panelist: Linda Dunn, Research Triangle Institute, Julie Schnepel, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Claire Handley, Penn National Insurance, Jon Wakefield, Grant Thornton

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