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Fuel Your PeopleSoft Transformation with Emerging Technologies

Oracle ® PeopleSoft

Has your organization asked you to do more and more with less time, money, and resources? Are you tasked with finding creative ways to leverage your existing teams to focus them on more value-added tasks? Oracle recognizes that challenge and has considered how to leverage emerging technologies such as chatbots and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help keep your users productive and extend power into the business processes. In this session see compelling business value propositions and Oracle’s PeopleSoft use cases where chatbots can perform requisitioning tasks and provide financial snapshots, absence requests, absence forecasting, and absence cancellations, and where IoT can monitor asset maintenance and performance. And see the other functional areas on the roadmap that may be best served using chatbots.

Presented by Dave Bain & Steve Morgan, Oracle

Part of Quest Experience Week. Click here for more information.