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Hope for Data without a Home: Leveraging the "no code / low code" Supplemental Database

Presented by Joel Foote, Tap Packaging Solutions

For all the places to store information in JDE, sometimes the obvious places aren’t quite right, or they’re used for something else, and we’re still left wondering where to put a unique piece of data WITHOUT resorting to custom code and tag files.To those that have never been introduced to it, the Supplemental Database is JD Edwards’ “no code” solution and may be your next best friend or save you from your next sticky situation!  Like a comic book superhero, it has a great deal of flexibility and is extremely powerful, but it also frequently flies under the radar or is misunderstood. Get a brief overview of the Supplemental Database, learn about traditional use cases, and hear how Tap Packaging extended the Supplemental Database to tame data spread across several disparate data sources.

*This session is part of Quest Experience Week– JD Edwards Day*