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How to Guide to Understanding and Using Costs in Manufacturing

When manufacturing and selling products, keeping track of and accounting for all of your costs is extremely important. Lisa Tran is a JDE specialist that has been working for chemical manufacturer Stoner, Inc. for almost twenty years and has a strong working knowledge of JD Edwards. In this session, you will learn in easy to understand steps how costing of manufactured items is derived and how to account for those tricky costs like outside processes and freight charges. This will be a comprehensive look at costing and a good overview for managers, manufacturing and accounting. It gives an understanding of all the pieces that affect basic costing and talks about some other less used cost methods. Topics covered include standard costing, cost roll-ups, overhead and labor costs, landed cost, outside operations (*OP1) and adding fixed costs manually (X costs). I will also cover advantages and disadvantages of using different costing methods.


  • Give an overview of costing and how it works – good for manufacturing, management and accounting
  • Give real world examples of costing
  • Cover advantages and disadvantages of different costing methods

Presented by Lisa Tran, Stoner, Inc.