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Implementing Modern Data Security Into Your PeopleSoft Systems

Business process are constantly evolving and it can be a challenge for legacy ERP systems to keep up. From a security and compliance standpoint, an organizations’ risk has increased exponentially as years of accumulating ERP data has created a significant liability with the introduction of data privacy mandates like GDPR (with more to come.) In addition, organizations are seeking ways to better leverage their self-service ERP capabilities in service to improved user productivity – however, introducing mobility to a legacy ERP system can introduce just as much risk as reward.

So, the question is, how can you apply the modern data security strategies to legacy ERP systems that are necessary to keep up with the threats of today? Fortunately, moving to the cloud or to another ERP system is not your only option. It is possible to continue to invest in your legacy ERP system, while integrating the most modern (and effective) data security and compliance solutions available on the market.

Join us as we discuss:

– The most common data breach scenarios facing ERP administrators and security professionals today

– How ERP business process have changed and how your legacy ERP may not have caught up

– Best practices for addressing (potentially) decades of accumulated PII that serve as your greatest compliance risk

– Strategies for enhancing access controls to mitigate risk after expanding mobile access to self-service transactions

Presented by Greg Wendt, Appsian