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Load Testing: What It Is; How We Do It; and Why It Matters

Load testing is critical to the success of The University of Colorado. Our University Information Services team makes heavy use of load testing technology for both production readiness and troubleshooting in both production and non-production environments. This session will cover our Load Test Environment configuration and use of SilkPerformer. We’ll review 4 types of testing we execute: baseline; stress; load; and failover. We’ll share the importance of identifying success criteria; identifying what you’re trying to test and measure; integrating different types of testing into our SDLC; review example results reports; and some specific problems we were able to troubleshoot. Come join us and discover why we do it; how we do it; and why you might want to do it.

Objective 1: Learn about the different types of load testing and how to incorporate these types of testing into your institution’s SDLC.

Objective 2: Learn how you can use your load test software to troubleshoot issues.

Objective 3: Learn how to identify success criteria; interpret results; and why you need to re-analyze your load test strategy

Presented by Chris Toomer, Bob Hasenhundl & Sasi Sunkari, University of Colorado

Part of PeopleSoft Industry Day 2019: Click here for the full agenda.