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Managing Secure Access in a Mobile PeopleSoft Environment

With organizations looking to fully leverage their investment in PeopleSoft, strategies to enhance PeopleSoft’s mobility have proven to be a key priority. However, expanding users’ access to PeopleSoft comes with the additional access points that can put data at risk, and the objective to maintain strict data security policies must accompany any mobility projects. Balancing the desire for added mobility and productivity, with this increased threat exposure can be daunting, but is necessary to tackle both in tandem.

As access potentially moves outside the corporate firewall, organizations must focus on application-level security to protect themselves from malicious outsiders, privilege-abusing insiders, and inadvertent data leakage. In this insightful session, PeopleSoft security professionals Greg Wendt and JD Bell will demonstrate how to:

  • Protect your publicly-facing PeopleSoft applications from cybercriminals gaining access through phished credentials or brute force attacks
  • Embed two-factor authentication within PeopleSoft to restrict access to sensitive systems and information
  • Dynamically control access to systems handling sensitive information based on the context of request (corporate/remote network, known/unknown device, etc.)
  • Monitor suspicious activity that occurs outside normal business hours.
  • Leverage data visualization to execute on-going risk management strategies

Presented by Greg Wendt & JD Bell, Appsian

*This session is part of Quest Experience Week-PeopleSoft Day*