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Migrating from Oracle Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition 2


Are you considering downsizing some of your Oracle databases from Enterprise Edition (EE) to Standard Edition 2 (SE2) to save on licensing costs?

Are you looking to rationalize the distribution of your Oracle databases, migrating some to the cloud, in order to lower data center costs?

Downsizing to SE2 on-premise may not be straightforward due to the restriction SE2 imposes on the number of processors, and may therefore require a hardware change. Migrating to a cloud service provider and using Oracle SE2 therefore offers some attractive options and may be suitable for many non-enterprise or less-critical situations.

However, database migrations can be risky and expensive because they typically involve some planned downtime, and if something goes wrong with the migration, the costs and business disruption could be huge.

In this webinar, we will present a way to migrate your Oracle databases from EE to SE2 which minimizes these risks and ensures a successful migration with no downtime and zero data loss.

Presented by John Pocknell, Senior Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Information Management Group, Quest Software