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Configuration vs. customization - what can, or can't I control in Oracle Cloud HCM?

One of the biggest customer values of PeopleSoft is that you own PeopleTools and can customize PeopleSoft to meet your unique or strategic business requirements as necessary. Transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM does not mean that you lose control over your HR system of record. In this session, we will cover the many options you have to configure and personalize your system to meet your business requirements. This session will start to explore the tools and processes you control in Oracle Cloud HCM, using the Experience Design Studio, what changes are optional vs. required, and how often are these controls managed. We will also provide examples of how former PeopleSoft customers removed or replaced their PeopleSoft customizations once they transitioned to Oracle Cloud HCM.


  •   What controls and configuration options customers have with Oracle Cloud HCM
  •   About the Experience Design Studio in Oracle Cloud HCM
  •   How PeopleSoft customers can replace their existing customizations when transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM