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Shaping the Future in a Post-pandemic World by “Touchless” Migration to Cloud

Businesses count on their strategic technology partners for cutting edge digital transformations which will spur growth, improve operations, and take their stakeholder and customer engagement to the next level. Modernization and cloud enablement are essential elements of this digital journey.

  • Covid-19 pandemic has pushed could migration to the top of the CxO to-do list
  • 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the end of 2020

Are you grappling with cloud migration? Migrating an enterprise’s infrastructure or applications to cloud can be a lengthy and complex process. They must decide on applications to move to the cloud, being cognizant of the risks involved. Establishing the right deployment topology and architecture is key to the migration process success. There are many other points to consider:

  • Is cloud migration the destination, or the first step to cloud adoption?
  • Which cloud model is ideal for your business?
  • Should you migrate as is, or use this as an opportunity to improve your applications?
  • What role can business analytics and automation play in a smooth migration journey?

Join our webinar for answers: Siddharth Bohra, LTI’s Chief Business Officer, will unravel these and other complexities in the webinar. He will talk you through digital dilemmas such as:

  • Key considerations on choosing the right cloud services provider
  • Identifying opportunities to improve productivity, flexibility and cost
  • Planning a cloud migration strategy

LTI will also share real life migration experiences, include caveats and outline contingencies and benchmarks that need to be taken into consideration.

If you are the one looking to Modernize-Optimize-Digitize your core systems, we at LTI – a Cloud Preferred partner of Oracle – have the truly innovative capabilities, experience and expertise to transform your business and give you the much-needed competitive advantage.

Presented by Harinder Tuteja & Jayanti Shekar, LTI (Larsen & Toubro Infotech)