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Oracle Exadata Master Class: Database Fleet Maintenance

As an Administrator, you want to protect your databases from data breaches to ensure business is not impacted. More than 50% of breach impacted said they were breached due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available, but not applied. Timely patching is critical in preventing breaches. How do you know which databases are missing the security patches and are vulnerable for a breach?

Learn ways to protect your databases with Enterprise Manager. Reduce downtime, and patch prioritized vulnerabilities in a timely manner by automating end-to-end workflow.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge on ways to get patch recommendations, create gold images to patch impacted databases and monitor for all missing security patches.

Learning objectives:

  • Get precise patch recommendations for impacted databases
  • Automate creation of gold images and patch affected databases
  • Continuous monitoring databases for any missing security patches

About the Speaker

Harish Niddagatta is a software industry expert with broad experience in Infrastructure, Database, and Security Compliance Management areas with a Customer-First centric approach. Product Manager in Oracle’s Observability and Management group, owns and delivers Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Database Lifecycle Management, Cloud Management, and Database Migration solutions.