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Orchestrating Your Path to the Next Horizon

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We find ourselves in a time of rapid, continuous innovation, a time where the lines between business and technology blur. New technologies reveal new business models, and conversely, innovative business models drive the invention of new technologies. As we plot our course to the next horizon we are faced with a new set of questions and challenges: “Is the current way the best way to run my business?” “What tools and technologies are available to enable my enterprise to succeed?” “What skills do I and my team need”? “What is the rest of the industry doing? Am I ahead or behind?”

In this session we will kick off Orchestrator Week with a broad view of our current and forthcoming challenges and the tools we have to conquer them. We’ll examine success stories of what others have already accomplished and prepare ourselves to thrive in the New World that lies just beyond the next horizon.

Presented by AJ Schifano, Product Manager, Oracle

Part of JD Edwards Orchestrator Week. Click here to check out the full agenda.