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Overcome Manual Processes in PeopleSoft Financial

Financial functions are the heartbeat of any company, and having fast, accurate information is critical to agile decision-making. Unfortunately, many businesses undergo the manual process of downloading data into Excel and massaging it to present it to decision makers so they can make informed decisions.

However, what if you want to create a new report from scratch, or investigate underlying detail behind a cost or a variance? This often involves the help of a technical resource, after which you must repeat the process in Excel all over again.

Join this webinar to learn how you can turn Excel into a front-end to your PeopleSoft application, connecting to your data in real-time, eliminating manual processes and getting the right information into your hands faster. By the end, you will understand how to empower your business users to be masters of your data, ultimately spending more time on data analysis and less time on data gathering.

Presented by Mike Wiley & Jordan Maynard, insightsoftware