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PeopleSoft Security: Preventing Breaches in 2019

Compromised credentials, data leakage, and privilege abuse have caused some of the most severe data breaches this past year. And unfortunately, many of the PeopleSoft development plans we’ve seen for 2019 will amplify these risks if left unchecked.


As organizations offer newfound flexibility to their users with enterprise mobility and application modernization, threats are increasingly becoming user-centric, originating at the application level.


To kick off 2019, Appsian would like to educate PeopleSoft users on how to better combat the top threats your organization will face this new year. In this insightful session, PeopleSoft security expert JD Bell will demonstrate how to:

  • Protect your publicly-facing PeopleSoft applications from cybercriminals gaining access through phished credentials or brute force attacks
  • Embed two-factor authentication within PeopleSoft to restrict access to sensitive systems and information
  • Dynamically control access to systems handling sensitive information based on the context of request (corporate/remote network, known/unknown device, etc.)
  • Monitor suspicious activity that occurs outside normal business hours.
  • Leverage data visualization to execute on-going risk management strategies

Presented by JD Bell, Appsian