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Recording Pre-Authorized ACH Debits through AP (Tax Payments, etc.)

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Pre-Authorized ACH Bank Debits (like tax payments, insurance payments, USPS bulk mail, online services, etc.) are generally not recorded through AP. These types of payments are made online, outside the purchasing and AP process. However, vendor payment history, audit tracking and 1099’s can be made available by utilizing the AP Vouchering system to record these types of direct debit payments. The main benefit of recording these payments within the AP system is that the Bank Reconciliation process will be faster and more seamless. This session will cover the overall concepts of bank reconciliation pain points, system setup requirements, user security, general process flow and business impact.

-Auto Reconciliation of ACH Bank Transactions initiated outside PeopleSoft AP Module

-Capturing online vendor payment history

-1099 processing for online service vendors.


Presented by Tamara Hibbard, Cherokee Nation Businesses