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Sierra-Cedar's PeopleSoft Playbook: Winning Strategies for Today and Tomorrow Series


*Part 1 of a 4 part series*

Series Description:

Continuous innovation, robust functionality, automation, mobile and engaging UX, and low-cost updates. Does PeopleSoft come to mind? Well, it should—PeopleSoft has quietly re-emerged as the “new” modern ERP platform. With this four-part webinar series, Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook, PeopleSoft customers have the opportunity to learn about the untapped potential within their existing ERP systems as they contemplate alternative paths for the future.

By providing insights for developing Winning Strategies, we address today’s most pressing PeopleSoft questions: What is the “New PeopleSoft Value Proposition”? How do we win with PeopleSoft in the Cloud? And how do optimal Integration approaches change in the new PeopleSoft world?

It’s a game changer! Attend Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook webinars and be entered to win a FREE, HALF-DAY WORKSHOP with Sierra-Cedar Research.

We invite you share your experiences, ask questions, and learn how new advances will transform the way you look at PeopleSoft in the future.

Thank you for joining our Playbook series! Join us for the second half kickoff of our series—visit us to learn more and register for 3 and 4!


Sierra-Cedar’s Playbook: Winning Strategies to Achieve Your Enterprise Application Goals

How do you analyze and optimize your enterprise application investment? Do you weigh options, risks, and business outcomes, then invest accordingly? When contemplating technology investments, you may be deciding whether to invest further in an on-premise model, convert to a Hybrid model, or transition to the Cloud.

Stacey Harris, VP of Research, will reveal how companies are leveraging advances in on-premise applications to achieve improved TCO, innovation, and UX to close the gap with Cloud-based applications. She’ll also present strategies and trends to consider—from technology options and updates to managing costs and vendors—as you develop a winning strategy for achieving your enterprise application goals.

Presenter: Stacey Harris

Part 2: https://questoraclecommunity.org/events/webinars/sierra-cedars-peoplesoft-playbook-winning-strategies-for-today-and-tomorrow-series-2/