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Virtual Procurement and the C-Level CPO 

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You are what you do. A time study at my previous CPO role showed that my senior team was still mired in important, but not high level, strategic work. I now have the opportunity to build a brand new supply chain function, in a fast-growing company, with the target to be focused on supplier innovation, internal collaboration and being the C-Level CPO. Yes, the procurement work has to be done, but it doesn’t have to be done by you. The key is to build out the virtual procurement function and let the Marketplace deliver transactional solutions. This interactive discussion will challenge your understanding of procurement, and present to you a unique opportunity to be on the ground floor of an SCM revolution.

At this session, learn how an app integrated supply chain network can:

1. Give you full knowledge and full insight into your supply chain data to increase your speed and productivity and give you more time for high-value strategic planning

2. Help you gain a comprehensive insight into your customers to meet KYC standards

3. Deliver higher value products and services at lower costs

Presented by Roy Anderson, Chief Procurement and Digital Transformation Officer, Tradeshift

Part of 2019 Cloud Webinar Series. Click here to look at the full agenda!