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BLUEPRINT 4D Session Preview: Growing Pains: What to Do When It’s Time to Archive


Check out this preview of the BLUEPRINT 4D session “Growing Pains: What to Do When It’s Time to Archive!”

Countless organizations rely on their ERP systems to manage big data, but how many have a good plan in place to archive as that data starts to become too large? High storage costs and poor performance are consequences of not archiving in a timely manner and can result in organizations wasting time and money on additional space and tuning when the best solution may be to consider reducing what’s in the database. Come learn how the State of Kansas has archived and purged old data to keep its PeopleSoft FSCM system nimble while still meeting record retention needs.

“Growing Pains: What to Do When It’s Time to Archive” will walk its audience through the State of Kansas’s year-long project of establishing an annual archive and purge methodology to, ultimately, remove data older than 8 years from its PeopleSoft FSCM system. Attendees will learn about the basics of the delivered PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager tool, including archive templates, queries and Application Engine processes. The session will discuss gaps that were identified in the delivered functionality and how the State of Kansas addressed them – both by working with Oracle to fix bugs and by creating custom functionality. The speaker will talk about the testing method Kansas went through and how it identified the complex processing schedule required to not orphan integrated data. Finally, the session will share the project’s impacts to the end user community as it went live and go over lessons learned. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how they might approach archiving data in their own systems. Oracle PeopleSoft delivers the Data Archive Manager across its FSCM, HCM and Campus Solutions products so this session’s content is applicable to most PeopleSoft users.

About the Speaker

Sarah Tongier is the Assistant Manager of Statewide Payroll and Accounting at State of Kansas. She has worked with the state’s PeopleSoft Financials system for the past 14 years, starting as a business systems analyst for the Grants, Project Costing and Customer Contracts functionality during the original system implementation of PeopleSoft FSCM 9.0. She served as the team lead when the system was upgraded to 9.2, and she played an integral role in developing the state’s plan to archive and purge system data, working closely with State staff and Sierra-Cedar consulting staff to ensure the project’s success.

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BLUEPRINT 4D Session Preview: Growing Pains: What to Do When It’s Time to Archive