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C19 JD Edwards Keynote: Edwards Lifesciences’ 9.2 Upgrade


Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Oracle JD Edwards, gave a keynote presentation at COLLABORATE 19 about JD Edwards customers who have showcased digital success with a 9.2 upgrade, UX One, Orchestrator, and automation in JDE.

Lyle brought up Rajesh Ranabhor, Senior Architect for Edwards Lifesciences, about the company’s 9.2 upgrade and the benefits that it has brought with it.

About Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences is a patient-focused medical device innovation company working on heart diseases and critical care monitoring. The company has eight manufacturing sites around the globe. Offices are located in 38 countries in eight different time zones. Edwards Lifesciences runs a single, global instance for 3,500 JD Edwards users that use 22 different languages.

Why Upgrade to 9.2?

Edwards Lifesciences wanted to stay on the code current, supported version of JD Edwards. This was the biggest driver for moving to 9.2. The company wanted to take advantage of the improved user interface, the performance benefits that came with the upgrade, and the new features in 9.2.

After going through the planning phase, the company was able to execute the upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 in just six months.

Helpful Tools Used Along the Way

Edwards Lifesciences wanted to leverage the simplified upgrade approach, so they used the Custom Object Analyzer to identify the code changes that they had been making. OATS was used for performance testing, and UPK was used for training business users worldwide.

Benefits of Moving to 9.2

After moving to 9.2, Edwards Lifesciences immediately started using the Favorites folder, which had not been previously available in 9.0. The company also quickly started leveraging EnterpriseOne pages and CafeOne in Lease Accounting and Supplier Portal to make the system easier to use. In addition, Edwards Lifesciences began using One View Reporting and Advanced Queries.

Edwards Lifesciences is also actively looking at pursuing mobile tools for warehousing operations, especially improving efficiency and speed of shipping and receiving. The company is also looking at prioritizing use cases on IoT for Manufacturing and utilizing Orchestrator and Notifications for Exception Reporting.

To learn more about Edwards Lifesciences’ experience of moving to 9.2 and the technologies that they were able to leverage as a result, check out the clip from COLLABORATE 19 below.

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