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Combine Cloud Services for Success

Chris Murphy, Director of Cloud Content at Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about Oracle’s Cloud success formula. The formula for success is to combine cloud services like ERP Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Database that was recently delivered.

Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison pointed out that some of the big selling points for Oracle’s Autonomous Database include:

  • The speed of deployment and the boon to productivity (since companies can get their developers to work on new ideas so much faster)
  • Eliminating the cost of human labor to patch, tune, upgrade, and secure the database
  • Eliminating human errors since all work happens automatically

In addition, the Oracle ERP Cloud suite—comprising of financial, procurement, production planning, and other core applications—has nearly 6,000 customers. The article explains that the combination of the ERP suite and Oracle Autonomous Database “self-driving” capabilities provides Oracle with “the largest technology lead we have ever enjoyed over our database competitors since we entered the database market almost four decades ago.” These advanced capabilities bring a lot of value to customers.

To learn more about how to achieve success with the winning combination of ERP Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Database, check out the full article from Forbes, attached below.