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Creighton University’s Journey to HCM Cloud

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

For the past 15 years, Creighton University has been named the #1 regional university in the Midwest. Committed to more than excellence alone, The Princeton Review recognizes Creighton as a leader in service, sustainability and value.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder the Creighton HR team is passionate about staying modern with systems and processes that reduce the university’s footprint.

The implementation team began searching for a complete solution from a single provider that had built-in reporting, analytics and workflow. They also wanted a solution that could be embedded in Creighton’s digital strategy and would create a modern HR with a solid upgrade schedule.

Why Oracle HCM Cloud

Shortly after beginning their search, they selected Oracle HCM for five reasons:

  1. Oracle HCM boasts 22 years of experience in higher education.
  2. Oracle HCM invests $5 billion in R&D per year.
  3. There are 4,700 educational institutions that already use Oracle.
  4. There are 12 million people currently using Global HR and Talent Cloud.
  5. There are 13,500 entities that selected Oracle HCM as their HR product solution.

Once the product decision was made, the team developed an implementation plan made up of two phases. The first phase included HR Core, Payroll, Timekeeping, Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service. Before beginning the second phase, the Creighton team realized they needed outside help. As a result, they enlisted Baker Tilly, an Oracle implementation partner that helps clients move to the cloud and modernize HR practices.

In phase two, Baker Tilly led the implementation of Taleo, Performance Management and Compensation with a project approach that includes five steps: Initiate & Plan, Analyze, Design & Build, Test, and Deploy. Throughout these steps, they focused on executive buy-in, change management and transparency by showing key users the system early and often. Baker Tilly knows the importance of engaging users early in the process and continuing to update through a regular cadence of meetings.

As Michael Windham of Baker Tilly put it, “Where real estate is all about ‘location, location, location,’ Oracle implementation is all about ‘communication, communication, communication.’”

Impacts of Oracle HCM Cloud

Today, the Creighton team is happy to describe five notable impacts from their implementation of Oracle HCM.

  1. A successful move to the cloud
  2. An increase in quality candidates
    • Of total application submissions reviewed, 60 percent advanced to interviews. Of that 60 percent interviewed, 51 percent were hired. Creighton also had a 100 percent offer acceptance rate and saw time to fill decrease from 67 days to 38 days.
  3. An improvement in the source of candidates
    • Creighton had 35 percent of applicants and 82 percent of hires come from referrals.
  4. A decrease in applicant drop off rate
    • The new drop off rate was 12 percent for both faculty and staff applications.
  5. An increase in approved goals
    • There was a 45 percent increase in approved goals in 2017 and an 83 percent increase in 2018.

Along the way, the team learned the importance of change management, training, learning the new system before going live, continuing to build upon the strategy from Talent Acquisition and Talent Modules, and looking out for scope creep. Overall, the Baker Tilly and Creighton team are ecstatic about their modern system that supports the university goals.

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Creighton University’s Journey to HCM Cloud