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Customer-Driven Product Enhancements

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

JD Edwards recently announced significant customer-driven product updates and EnterpriseOne Tools release, Notification framework, Orchestrator enhancements, and updated platform certifications.

User Experience

JD Edwards enhanced UX One by providing navigation capabilities on Analytic Components. Additional roles now provide drill-down and right-click options on context menus with a selection of applications that can be launched.

A Mobile Employee Time Entry phone application is now available for employees to easily capture, review, and submit their time whether they are in the office or at the job site. A graphical representation presents users with a view of the time card status and hours entered for the period.

Customers and partners can now leverage Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.5 when building new or modifying existing mobile applications integrated with JD Edwards. MAF 2.5 is the first release of MAF to support the latest version of Apple’s Xcode in addition to updating the embedded Cordova platform engines for iOS and Android.

Modern Digital ERP Enhancements

JD Edwards announced EnterpriseOne Notifications capabilities—this notification system enables workers to remain in touch with critical conditions and events that happen continuously throughout the enterprise.

This release also includes business orchestrations to help automate a Procure-to-Pay process with a supplier portal system.

Human Capital Management

JD Edwards has enhanced Pay, Deduction, Benefit, and Accrual setup and processing to make it easier for HR benefits and payroll administrators to comply with various US federal, state and local paid sick time laws. Enhancements to trigger accrual calculations for time worked on federal contracts, and the ability to manage inception-to-date limits for individual jurisdiction accruals as well as a maximum inception-to-date limit across all accruals ease the burden on the employer of complying with the various local, state, and federal laws.

Legislative Updates

  • Lease Management Enhancements to support FASB ASC 842 / IASB IFRS 16 Regulations
  • Enhancements to JD Edwards Health & Safety Incident Management and HR Health & Safety to Address OSHA Compliance

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release

Tools Release provides customers with innovation benefiting all our applications, including new Orchestrator integration capabilities, Notification framework enhancements, and updated platform certifications.

The Orchestrator continues to provide significant functionality for automating EnterpriseOne transactions and interfacing with external systems; recent enhancements to Orchestrator that further expand its capabilities are evident in process recorder, reports, file transfer, Confirmed Completion of Orchestration, Orchestrator Studio Version 6.1, and resilient scheduler.

The Notifications feature allows users to subscribe to alerts and messages that the system automatically detects via Watchlists and orchestrations. Tools delivers new Notification enhancements including assigned subscriptions and performance characterization. For a closer look, check out this ‘Under the Hood’ session recording on JD Edwards notifications, presented by Oracle at COLLABORATE 18:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has added a Business View Column to EnterpriseOne Inquiry Only Forms and it now supports personalization of menu exits on all applications as well as personalization of grid labels.

For additional information, please view Oracle’s recent announcement of the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne User Experience Enhancements, New Mobile Features, Modern ERP Enhancements, and Tools Digital Transformation Features.