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Digital Transformation For The Digital Economy: Part Two

The Digital Economy is about much more than e-commerce and other business technologies of the past two decades. Quest met with Lyle Ekdahl to explore the latest thinking about the Digital Economy and to discuss how Digital Transformation helps businesses to take advantage of changing business opportunities.

This post is part two of three about digital transformation. See part one here.

What has JD Edwards delivered to support Oracle’s Cloud offerings?

JD Edwards customers can optimize their businesses by deploying EnterpriseOne on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), can extend JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology, and can complement JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS). JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is hybrid by design to enable your digital business through Choice and Control.

JD Edwards offers the ability to provision new instances of EnterpriseOne for performance optimization on Oracle Cloud IaaS. IaaS includes computing, network, and storage. Deployment on Oracle Cloud helps customers to quickly ramp up demo, development/test, and production environments. JD Edwards offers two models, the Trial Edition and the Multitier Edition. The Trial Edition gives you access to Release 9.2 applications with the latest tools and technology. It is useful for exploring and demonstrating new features and products, as well as for running conference room pilot projects. The Multitier Edition likewise gives you access to 9.2 with all components (as well as 9.1 images to build a 9.1 instance), but with the added ability to move your data and configurations from on premise environments to the Oracle Cloud for development, testing, or for live operations.

Secondly, through the Oracle Cloud’s Platform as a Service (PaaS), customers can distribute workloads and extend their cloud experience with additional capabilities. For example, instead of self-maintaining your Oracle databases, you can use the Oracle Database Cloud Service. For the middleware tier, you can take advantage of Oracle’s Java Cloud Service. Furthermore, you can extend the capabilities of your JD Edwards environments using the IoT and Mobile Cloud Services.

JD Edwards gives customers the flexibility to deploy their EnterpriseOne instances on-premise and in the Oracle Cloud to best meet their business requirements. In addition, customers also have the choice of complementing their JD Edwards applications with Oracle SaaS applications to support broader business processes while still taking advantage of JD Edwards core functionality and master data.

How can JD Edwards and the Cloud enable competitive advantages?

So far, we have mostly talked about operational performance optimization. Yet, sustainable processes of innovation in products, processes, or technologies are the greatest source of competitive advantage.

Since the pace of innovation is accelerating in market after market, one key to making innovation processes remain effective is “innovation cycle compression.” This means that businesses need to shorten the cycle from whiteboard ideation to prototyping to the launch of live operations.

Innovation cycle compression looks different technically for each customer, but cloud deployment is a key enabler. With a hybrid of on-premise and cloud environments, businesses can take advantage of existing investments, maintain control of innovation and technology launch timing, and maintain key differentiators, while gaining the cost and time advantages of cloud deployments.

One hybrid option is to combine your on-premise JD Edwards environment with Oracle SaaS applications, without having to build customizations. For example, to help you launch new products faster, you could select Supplier Qualification Management from Oracle’s Procurement Cloud and bolt it onto JDE to reduce time to market. As a result, you would need less time to source suppliers’ new products and customize your system with the capabilities to support your new product sourcing efforts.

We plan to deliver and support additional hybrid capabilities by taking advantage of Oracle PaaS. For example, you might combine your JDE environment with Oracle’s Document Cloud or Process Cloud Services.

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