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Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain: Webcast, Presentation, and Digibook

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In case you missed the recent webcast on how to drive business value with a more sustainable supply chain – you can download it here.  This webcast and other supporting materials explore the impact of supply chains on the environment as well as the economies and societies they touch. To ensure a sustainable supply chain, organizations need to embed sustainability considerations all the way from a product’s ideation to managing the end of its useful life.

This webcast provides a deeper understanding of how to deliver business value while also building a more sustainable supply chain using a modern suite of supply chain solutions on the Oracle Cloud. You will hear about:

  • Key supply chain functions that help make organizations more sustainable, including product design, supply chain planning, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, and product take-back;
  • How organizations across all industries can embed sustainable thinking in supply chain processes to design more environmentally-friendly products, source materials more responsibly, and manufacture and transport goods in more sustainable ways;
  • Tools and use cases highlighting how to eliminate inefficiency, find more cost-effective solutions, build brand equity, and manage risk.

The speaker is Jon Chorley, Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, SCM Product Strategy and PLM. You can also download this presentation, which accompanies this webcast.

Interested in delving further? Check out the Sustainable Supply Chain Digibook to explore:

  • Seven key supply chain functions that you can leverage to make your organization more sustainable including logistics, sourcing and manufacturing
  • How you can identify and drive sustainability initiatives across your organization’s supply chain
  • How Oracle’s modern suite of supply chain cloud solutions can support those sustainability initiatives while also delivering business value

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