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Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Applications

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The world of today’s workforce is quickly changing because of technology and the Cloud. How do you future-proof your business to harness the power of the cloud? New technology like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Internet of Things are emerging, becoming more popular, and changing business applications forever. Oracle Cloud applications help organizations automate, process, and collaborate, and they are becoming more intelligent and adaptive.

Business leaders are asking “What can applications do to help us future-proof our business?” These intelligent, adaptive applications can delight customers, engage employees, create new markets, and make businesses better and faster. These new possibilities can transform and disrupt your competitors, markets, business models and old ways of thinking. Oracle Cloud applications can help you simplify, unify and transform in order to focus on what’s new. You can disrupt the industry instead of being disrupted.

Oracle Executive Vice President, Steve Miranda, gave a keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld Middle East: Dubai 2019. He broke down customers’ three most common questions:

  1. Why should I move my business to the Cloud?
  2. Why should I choose the Oracle Cloud?
  3. Why should I make the move to Cloud now?

Why Move to Cloud?

The speed of change in both business pressures and technology is constantly increasing. In today’s workforce, there are seismic changes in both business and technology. Organizations have reached a tipping point that forces them to be efficient at not only what they are doing today but also at handling the speed of change for tomorrow.

There has been a shift over the last year that moves away from five-year upgrades to quarterly adoption of new features and fixes. Quarterly adoption with Cloud applications provides new features and technologies immediately. In comparison, legacy on-premises applications have previously only taken technical, lagging upgrades every three, five, or even ten years at a time.

When you’re taking years between upgrades, the rate of innovation for Oracle or any other partner becomes irrelevant. If customers are not implementing new features and technologies regularly, it doesn’t matter if Oracle is regularly innovating. The speed of innovation and adoption is the most important element that the Cloud brings to both customers and Oracle. This speed allows you to continuously grow and leverage new applications and features to improve your business as you move forward.

Why Choose the Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is the most innovative, complete suite of applications to help run your business both globally and locally. The depth and breadth of the suite gives customers the flexibility to run the entirety of their business in the Cloud and carefully choose and plan their own path for migration with the least amount of risk.

Oracle Cloud is also continuously improving and delivering new features for customers to leverage within their organizations through the quarterly update model. In each quarterly update the Oracle releases for Cloud, there are hundreds of new features and fixes that customers can leverage. The speed of innovation drives customers to continuously improve and grow while in the Cloud.

In addition to the basics of the complete suite of applications and quarterly updates, Oracle also innovates with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Internet of Things.

AI and Machine Learning have the potential to reshape your business model. It can make it move from:

  • Rules-driven > Model-driven
  • Manual > Automatic
  • Static > Contextual
  • User-driven > Machine-based recommendations and exceptions

Through adaptive, intelligent applications, UX, and conversational agents, AI and ML will be able to detect patterns and make suggestions for questions, approvals, etc. This can be supplemented by B2B data that Oracle has added, from both your system and systems throughout the world, to help facilitate transactions and learning within the system. Ultimately, technology like AI/ML, Blockchain, and IoT will help improve the user experience and automate processes to ease the workload in your organization.

Why Make the Move Now?

Moving to the Cloud today can help future-proof your business. The automated upgrade utility and process, 20-week predictable schedule, and 30 percent cost reduction that the Oracle Soar program offers can help migrate your on-premises applications to the Cloud and automate updates for the future. The goal is to make your migration as risk-free as possible.

Steve Miranda explained the Oracle is confident that they can not only run your business but also enable you to set up for the future. With the combination of Cloud-based applications and the Oracle Soar program, Oracle believes that moving to the Cloud will be the last upgrade you will ever need to do. You can move your business to the Cloud and let Oracle update it for you moving forward.

No matter if you are a small or large organization, Oracle encourages you to make the move to Cloud today. In fact, larger and more complex businesses may want to start the migration sooner rather than later.

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For Steve Miranda’s full keynote at OpenWorld Middle East: Dubai 2019 and customer stories from DP World and First Abu Dhabi Bank, check out the video below.

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Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Applications