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INFOCUS 20: Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Applications


During INFOCUS 20, attendees were given the opportunity to join several “Ask Me Anything” sessions and ask JD Edwards experts questions about Applications, Tools, and various hot topics. The 30-minute “Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Applications” session hosted a panel of Oracle experts, including:

  • Keith Sholes, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle
  • David Greiner, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Archana Vishnu, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Xavier Kurian, Senior Director, Oracle
  • Ervin Rhodes, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Mike Jepkes, Senior Product Manager, Oracle

Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Applications

Check out some of the questions that the JD Edwards experts answered!

Are there any new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne versions coming out with Advanced Features?

It is important to understand that JD Edwards has transitioned to a Continuous Delivery model. We are delivering enhancements to our 9.2 code line as we go. We don’t have to wait for a three-year cycle to build up a set of enhancements and deliver a new release. We make those available as we go, so it is much more cloud-like that way. The same 9.2 version is constantly being enhanced – every week or two. Then, at the end of the year, those are put together in a cumulative update. At this point, 9.2 is the release, and there is no reason to create a new code line.

Will the Workload Calendar Review be available for Maintenance instead of Manufacturing?

What we plan on delivering is something similar to what we are already offering for Manufacturing with the ability to drag and drop to reschedule resources. It may or may not be in Calendar format. Right now, I’m leaning toward the Gant format, but if folks have input on preferences there, we’re interested to hear that as well.

Do we have the ability in 9.2 to allow the user to schedule jobs?

That is more of a Tools-level question than an Apps question. However, I don’t believe we currently have anything that could do that from the user perspective.

I’d say, typically, it’s not the case that you’d be giving just anybody the ability to schedule jobs.

Can you explain the difference between moving to JD Edwards HCM to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) vs. moving to Oracle HCM Cloud?

Moving JD Edwards to OCI is basically a technical uplift that would occur “under the covers.” The users wouldn’t notice a change. You would be moving your computing resources from on-premises to the cloud. In terms of the user interface, training, and processes, all of that would remain the same.

Moving to HCM Cloud would be a product change. This means you would move to the Fusion HCM product, which is more modern, broader in scope, has more complete coverage of HR, employee management, talent management, Global Payroll, etc. It would be a big uplift to move to a new product, but there are also rewards with that. You’d be on a more modern product with broader coverage.

They are very different options with different licensing.

Will we ever be able to import a separated list of values into Advanced Queries or at least tie the Add More to a keystroke?

This would be a question to ask the Tools team because it would be a feature within Tools that would allow you to complete this task.

How do you figure out what requires or does not require additional licensing?

In the JD Edwards document library, there is a Licensing Information User Manual that will provide you access to what a product covers.

How are customers using User Defined Objects?

The UDO adoption has been very good. There have been many presentations on it, and I encourage you to check those out.

What products or enhancements are you most excited about?

From a Transportation standpoint, we are most excited about a particular feature in the Transportation constants. This is related to getting distance calculation to do rates. With this option, we have also leveraged Orchestrator.  There is an example in the whitepaper. You have the option to now use PC Miler, Google Maps, and several other mileage and distant calculations.

Do you have plans to enhance the Lot Location Level Costing?

We already have existing Costing Levels. If anything else is additionally required for this, we will make a note and address a needed addition.

My company wants to move to the Cloud. Will we be able to keep our customizations?

Yes. You are merely moving it from your data center to the cloud.

What are your thoughts on the Fulfillment Management module adoption?

Less than 100 customers have adopted this module. It is definitely not a broad adoption but the customers that use this product are very pleased with the results.

To hear more, check out the Ask Me Anything presentations from INFOCUS 20 attached below.

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INFOCUS 20: Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Applications