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JD Edwards UX One for Procurement

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

UX One offers role-based content that works to optimize the user experience and help users become more productive and proactive. The Alert-Analyze-Act paradigm helps users stay on top of information and jump straight into action when necessary. A recent presentation from Archana Vishnu, Principal Product Manager at Oracle, covered the three roles UX One delivers for Procurement and how they can be personalized and configured to meet a user’s needs.

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Procurement Manager

The three landing pages that are delivered for a Procurement Manager are Procurement Manager Approvals, Procurement Manager Orders and Procurement Manager Item Cost. With these landing pages, a Procurement Manager will be able to quickly see the number of orders awaiting release and approval. They can also evaluate the purchases in a fiscal period to better understand business requirements and make well-informed decisions. Procurement Managers will be able to take the necessary actions to mitigate delays in the procurement process.

Strategic Buyer

There are three landing pages delivered for the Strategic Buyer. UX One delivers Strategic Buyer Quote Orders, Strategic Buyer Order Delivery and Strategic Buyer Other Orders. With these pages, a Strategic Buyer can easily and quickly track orders by specific supplier for making targeted procurement decisions. They can also evaluate cost information at a glance to rapidly select eligible suppliers and easily complete the ordering process.

Procurement Pricing Operations Manager

The two landing pages that are delivered for the Procurement Pricing Operations Manager are Procurement Manger Pricing and Procurement Manager Pricing Expiry. These landing pages will help a Procurement Pricing Operations Manager control cost by finding the best price in the market and improve pricing efficiency by correcting unutilized pricing strategies. The pages also provide business continuity by quickly identifying the supplier prices that are going to expire soon.

All of the landing pages are easily configured to meet the needs of a specific user. To see a demonstration of how to use and configure these UX One components, check out the full presentation below.

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