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Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s Andy Rivenes

Andy Rivenes

The Database & Technology Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D takes place online and in Las Vegas June 6th – 9th, 2022.  In this blog series, we interview key speakers and learn what they’re most looking forward to as the Quest community prepares to gather for its first in-person event in over two years.

We recently caught up with Oracle’s Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager for Database In-Memory, to get his thoughts on Oracle Database at BLUEPRINT 4D:

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming BLUEPRINT 4D presentation, Best Practices for Getting Started with Database In-Memory?

Being technical, I always like to dive into the details and help people figure out how to get started. We’ll tackle everything from what version you should be on to how to handle RAC, Parallel Query and even Exadata. One of the great things about Database In-Memory is its ability to leverage Oracle Database technology. Since it is fully integrated into Oracle Database, depending on what the customer’s environment requires and has available, there are many features of Oracle Database that Database In-Memory can take advantage of.

What hot topics are you looking forward to digging into with DB&T customers?

Describing how easy it is to get started, but also the sophistication of the product. After all, it is part of Oracle Database, one of the most sophisticated software products available and there are a lot of implementation details that can be confusing. Being able to describe how to avoid the pitfalls and not having to reinvent the wheel is always rewarding. Plus, it can really help get our customers off on the right foot and enable them to see some pretty exceptional performance.

What most excites you about the new DB&T Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D?

That it’s in person. I’m really excited to be able to describe Database In-Memory face to face again. It is a lot different to be able to have a conversation, especially about something that is not always understood just based on its name. The virtual session format is different and sometimes I think the messaging gets confusing without the opportunity to connect to people in person.

Join us! The Database & Technology Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D program offers 65+ DB&T sessions, including roadmaps, workshops and practical how-to sessions on hot topics like Autonomous Database self-service tools;  application development using graph, JSON and REST; and RAC, Maximum Availability and In-Memory best practices.  Get the latest updates, insights and step-by-step overviews from the Oracle teams who build your product, the partners who implement it and the customers who drive value and innovation through their use of Oracle Database capabilities.   .

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Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s Andy Rivenes