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Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s Willie Hardie

Willie Hardie

Plans for the Database & Technology Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D are shaping up nicely, with a host of product experts lined up to share the latest and greatest from Oracle.  In this blog series, we’ll interview key speakers and learn what they’re most looking forward to as the Quest community prepares to gather for its first in-person event in over two years.

We kick off the series with Willie Hardie, Vice President of Oracle Database Product Development, who sat down with us recently to share his thoughts about Oracle Database at BLUEPRINT 4D:

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming BLUEPRINT 4D presentation, “What’s New from Oracle Database Development”?

One of the challenges our customers continually face is staying abreast of the latest Oracle Database developments. I’ve always said that the only constant in IT is “change”, and this is especially true for Oracle’s multi-model, multi-workload and multi-tenant converged database. Just to mention a few highlights from 2021; we saw the release of Oracle Database 21c, new autonomous self-service tools for data analysts and data scientists, new free developer services, and a MongoDB compatible API for developers. Consequently, my presentation takes a collective look at recent Oracle Database product and service releases to help folks catch up on what’s new and to get a feel for any relevance to their businesses. In fact, you could view “What’s New from Oracle Database Development” as a precursor to some of the other forum sessions that’ll drilldown into a greater level of detail on specific topics such as 21c, self-service tools, etc.

What hot topics are you looking forward to digging into with DB&T customers?

Well, I’m always interested in learning how our customers are implementing various Oracle Database technologies to help address their IT and business challenges – be that on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid deployment configuration. And that can be anything from improving database performance and availability service levels to tighter security and rolling out new modern “data driven” apps and analytics. Having said all that, an obvious current “hot topic” of interest is learning more about our customers’ experiences and plans for managing their enterprise data in the Cloud. As with any generational shift in IT that we’ve previously experienced (e.g., from mainframes to minis to client-server and the Internet), change typically occurs for different reasons.  For example, why are customers moving to the Cloud (e.g., for devtest, new apps, etc.), what benefits (or otherwise) are customers experiencing, or what are some of the roadblocks on customers’ journey to the Cloud (e.g., compliance and/or support reasons).

What most excites you about the new DB&T Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D event?

Like many folks I suspect, I’m looking forward to meeting up with both familiar and new faces at an in-person user group event once again. Certainly, the database and technology forum features excellent educational sessions, and I’m particularly pleased to see that some of my colleagues will be hosting hands-on-labs (HOLs) as part of the forum. HOLS are (in my opinion) one of the best ways for attendees to learn the latest technologies and they’re even better when Oracle experts are “on-hand” (pun intended) to explain how things work and answer any questions. However, what excites me the most is the opportunity to network with like-minded folks from Oracle’s user group community. Events like BLUEPRINT 4D are truly the ideal venue for sharing knowledge and experiences, and (from my perspective) for learning first-hand how Oracle Database technologies are helping drive our customers’ businesses forward.

Join us! The Database & Technology Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D program offers 65+ DB&T sessions, including roadmaps, workshops and practical how-to sessions on hot topics like Autonomous Database self-service tools;  application development using graph, JSON and REST; and RAC, Maximum Availability and In-Memory best practices. Get the latest updates, insights and step-by-step overviews from the Oracle teams who build your product, the partners who implement it and the customers who drive value and innovation through their use of Oracle Database capabilities.   .

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Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s Willie Hardie