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Oracle HCM Cloud Employee Experience Demonstration


Meghan O’Brien Campisi, HCM Cloud Senior Solutions Engineer at Oracle, gave a demonstration of the employee experience in Oracle HCM Cloud. This HCM Cloud employee experience demonstration shows how employees can leverage HCM Cloud to work smarter in their role.

Empowering Employees with HCM Cloud

Forward-looking HR organizations are reimagining their impact on the employee experience by providing their employees with access to HR services from anywhere on any device. Employees expect the same responsiveness that they receive as consumers or from social media applications on their phone, so when they have questions, they expect to be able to search and find answers quickly and easily.

HCM Cloud Employee Experience Demonstration

This demonstration looks at how Oracle HCM Cloud helps employees work smarter. It will also review the mobile responsive design, look at how employees engage with the digital assistant, and manage how employees manage their learning and career development or enroll in volunteering projects.

The demonstration follows the actions of Jacob Black, an employee who needs to perform some HR transactions. The HCM Cloud employee experience that Oracle offers features a mobile responsive design with quick action tabs, intuitive icons, and an area that showcase items that need finishing. It also shows alerts, notifications, news, and announcements. The design is intended to facilitate a simple and intuitive user interaction with a single experience across all devices.

The solution also offers technologies that Jacob is familiar with – like digital assistants and conversational user interface. With Oracle’s digital assistant, Jacob can efficiently manage items like his work schedule and absences. This helps improve his productivity by reducing the time he spends searching for information.

In this demonstration, Jacob received a notification that tells him that he needs to complete some overdue onboarding tasks. Within the digital assistant window, he can quickly drill down into these items.


Onboarding is not just about pre-boarding paperwork. It’s also about employees being able to complete 30, 60, and 90-day tasks as well as mid-employment tasks.


With HCM Cloud, Jacob can easily view his overdue tasks as well as other tasks like “Fun Stuff” to complete. He can also access the completed tasks that he has already finished. Jacob is able to set up preferences, view and sign important documents, update his contact information, complete surveys, and so much more.

Additionally, HCM Cloud offers Jacob the power to search for people in the company directory. Say he met someone named Kevin at his orientation and he wants to know how Kevin fits into the organization. With the directory, he can ask the digital assistant to look Kevin up and see what department he works in – directly from his mobile device.

Jacob can also interact with the digital assistant in HCM Cloud in the same way that he would engage with Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Using the conversational interface, he can talk to the digital assistant and ask it about his work schedule, request any changes, request a leave of absence, etc. The digital assistant guides employees through HR processes like requesting a vacation. Jacob is prompted to enter the information that he needs to submit in order to complete a vacation request.


Once the digital assistant has all of the required information, Jacob will be able to submit his request.

As part of the HCM Cloud employee experience, Jacob can also view any recommended learning that he has. He can see who recommended the training to him and what the training is for.


Recommendations are a big aspect of social learning, and they enable your workforce to share knowledge. The intelligent learning engine in HCM Cloud drives growth in your organization. HCM Cloud also enables AI-enabled learning recommendations that are based on things like Jacob’s job, his location, organization, and even his engagement data. From the main learning dashboard, Jacob has access to all of his learning – current, requested, shared, and community learning.

He can also upload and share content with his colleagues, so if he found a great video on a topic, he can easily pass it along to others. Shared learning makes it easy for employees to publish videos, author tutorials, and contribute to social learning.


The approval capability for publishing videos can be configured with multi-level approval before anything is published to your organization.

Jacob can also synchronize his learning, so he can complete learning assignments when he’s offline. The HCM Cloud learning solution sees all data and is integrated with all of the modules like Performance and Goals – keeping all of your HR data in one place.

The solution empowers employees to set and share meaningful goals and track progress while staying current with ever-changing business priorities. Jacob can review his goals and update them at any time. He can update the status of goals from “Not Started” to “In Progress” or “Complete.” Jacob can also review goals that have been shared with him and add them to his development plans. If he’s working on a project, he can add the goals for the project to his plan and keep track of all of the work he’s doing. His manager will be able to see the progress as well.

When it’s time for him to complete his self-evaluation, he can easily do that from his mobile device as well.

From the Career and Performance menu, Jacob can also manage his career development. He can search for careers of interest and add a career statement and development goals. If he’s interested in becoming a manager, Jacob can select “Manager” as a career of interest. He can also use embedded collaboration capabilities to network with colleagues and gain first-hand information about what being a manager entails.

The solution helps Jacob identify career opportunities that are in line with his skills and interests by leveraging AI job recommendations. The solution will recommend roles to Jacob that match well with the information he has provided.


Finally, Jacob can search for and engage in volunteering opportunities. He can also receive AI-enabled recommendations for volunteering opportunities. Volunteer projects are a high priority for the new generation of employees who are focused on social responsibility and want to take pride in the company that they work for. If Jacob finds a project that he likes, he can easily volunteer in the HCM Cloud solution.


All of these tasks and capabilities within the HCM Cloud employee experience enable employees to work more in a more productive way and become more engaged with their organization. To learn more about the HCM Cloud employee experience, check out the video below.

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