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Overview of Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance

What Is Oracle Database Appliance Easy Cloud Backup?

Databases are critical to organizations and represent a significant part of total IT spend. That is why you want to deploy your database on the best-optimized platform and protect your data with backups. The Cloud is transforming the way enterprises do business for the better, and backup is no different. That’s where Oracle Cloud Backup for Oracle Database comes into play.

When it comes to business, it is important to expect the unexpected. That is why offsite backups are so important. As more and more of the business comes to rely on data, it is crucial to make sure that there is a copy of that data somewhere offsite in case of a natural disaster, user error, equipment failure, or cyberattack.

Why Organizations Need Backup

There are several reasons why organizations need backup in order to protect their database, including:

  • Physical failures: Component, network, deletion, or corruption of physical files
  • Logical failures: Operational or human errors
  • Site failures: Errors with your organization’s site


Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle recently integrated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cloud Backup to Oracle Database. Customers can now easily backup to Oracle Cloud with a single interface that makes it simple to implements a database recovery strategy.


With Cloud backup, enterprises of any size can easily write and store their backup to the Cloud for better performance, reliability, security, and ease of use in comparison to traditional, tape-based backup. Organizations can achieve this without the responsibility of manually managing backups or maintaining backup systems.

Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance helps organizations not miss out on the benefits of a Cloud backup.

How It Works

Because RMAN is used for backup to OCI Cloud, the benefit of Cloud backup is the ability to spin up DEV, Test, and DR systems from the backup. You also do not have to maintain all of the hardware on-premises in order to store the backup, which reduces the required infrastructure to maintain backup on-premises. Now, you can rely on Oracle to keep backups safe for recovery. To provide better recoverability, the archive logs are automatically backed up to the cloud every 15 minutes by default.

To utilize Cloud backup for Oracle Database, simply login to the Oracle Database Appliance web console, store your Cloud credentials, create a backup policy, and attach it to a database.

Benefits of Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance

Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Database Appliance, explained some of the benefits of Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance.

Before Cloud Backup, customers had to use a third-party software solution to back up their data to disc or tape, or, alternatively, manually configure their own backup solution. Customers also had no way of checking the integrity of their backup to make sure data was backup up can actually be recovered. This left organizations at risk of a corrupt backup file. Now, with Cloud Backup, IT has the ability to monitor the integrity of the backup from on-premises to Cloud – giving them complete visibility for end-to-end confidence.

In addition, there are no upfront hardware costs to worry about. Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance is a pay-as-you-go, elastic model. This means you pay for only the storage you use without having to worry about running out of tapes or local storage. Since it’s the Cloud, it can scale up as quickly as you require to meet your business needs.

In order to enhance data protection, the network used between the Oracle Database Appliance and the Oracle Cloud is completely encrypted. In addition, each backup file is encrypted before it leaves the on-premises environment, so it’s also encrypted in transit. Once the backup is in the Oracle Cloud, it is stored securely, so you have end-to-end security. Plus, your data is better protected with the redundancy inherent in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry as you would if your physical backup were damaged.


Cloud is here to stay, and it is transforming the way enterprises do business for the better. Your backup is no different. With no hardware costs, faster backup and backup times, and greater reliability, it’s easy to see how Cloud backup can play an important role in your organization’s digital transformation.

To learn more about Oracle Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance, check out the video below.

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Overview of Cloud Backup for Oracle Database Appliance