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PeopleSoft Cloud Manager: One of PeopleSoft’s 3 Major Initiatives


As part of Quest Experience Week Cloud Day, Mark Hoernemann, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Platform Strategy Manager, spoke about the ongoing investment in PeopleSoft deployment to Oracle Cloud. He covered the three main initiatives of PeopleSoft direction and the benefits of utilizing each of them within your PeopleSoft system.

3 Main Initiatives of PeopleSoft

Over the last few years, PeopleSoft has been developing and enhancing three major initiatives within the product. Those three initiatives are Fluid UI, Selective Adoption, and Cloud Manager/Deployment.

  • Fluid UI: Changed the way applications are used and modified. This new user interface is more intuitive and easier to use, which gives users a more pleasant user experience.
  • Selective Adoption: Changed the way maintenance and new features are applied. With this ongoing enhancement methodology, users can say goodbye to the “big bang” approach and stay up-to-date on enhancements. Images are being put out more regularly, so customers don’t have to wait years for enhancements to come along. With Selective Adoption comes the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) feature, which helps expedite the update process.
  • Cloud Manager/Deployment: Changed the way applications are deployed and where they run. This tool gives customers the chance to automate the process of the installation and deployment of Cloud. Cloud Manager was built upon basic functionality that already existed within the Deployment Framework.

Benefits of Utilizing

PeopleSoft is continuously enhancing these initiatives, and it’s important to understand the benefits of utilizing these features within your PeopleSoft system.

Fluid UI centers around productivity across the application. It changes the way your applications are used. Some of the benefits of Fluid UI include:

  • A new, improved navigation paradigm for PeopleSoft applications
  • Extended personalizations frameworks that allow users to optimize their environments
  • A common UI look and feel within each application
  • A shift from customizations to configuration

With Selective Adoption, you can use PUM to complete the work that used to take weeks in just a matter of days. It changes the way your applications are maintained. Some of the benefits of Selective Adoption include:

  • Reducing the time it takes from requesting a feature to having it run in production
  • Everyone is working on the same code line once you update to 9.2
  • A full Lifecycle suite to migrate, validate and regression test change

Deployment Framework changes the way applications are installed. Rather than focusing on how fast you can create a new application environment, think about what you can do with an unlimited number of environments. Some of the benefits of the Deployment Framework, utilized by PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, includes:

  • Automating deployment and including all dependent software
  • Automating configuration
  • Allowing custom install and configuration settings to account for user needs

With PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, you get many of the benefits of running in the Cloud without the cost of changing products. It changes the way applications are managed. Some of the benefits of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager include:

  • Automating provisioning of applications in the Cloud
  • Utilizing PUM Images available from the Oracle Marketplace
  • Managing applications with higher efficiency

For more information about what you can do with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, check out this additional Quest article: “Understanding What You Can Do with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

To learn more about the direction of these PeopleSoft initiatives and how they can influence your company’s move to a Cloud deployment, check out the full presentation from Quest Experience Week, which is linked below.

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