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PeopleSoft Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Preview

Oracle Open World: Registration

In the PeopleSoft Oracle OpenWorld 2019 preview video, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management, gave information about how PeopleSoft customers can make the most of their time at Oracle OpenWorld.

OpenWorld Logistics

Oracle OpenWorld will take place September 16-19, 2019 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

All of the PeopleSoft sessions at OpenWorld will take place in Moscone West on the second floor. The exhibit hall will be in Moscone South. This area is referred to as “The Exchange.” Also, in Moscone South, you will find PeopleSoft applications and technology discussion areas and demo pods, a PeopleSoft concierge booth, and a theater session. Oracle keynotes will take place is Moscone North.

OpenWorld Experience and Vision

Jackson explained that Oracle’s objective at OpenWorld is to illustrate the vision that you can achieve with PeopleSoft – what’s possible today and where it’s going in the future. Oracle will announce and demonstrate recently delivered features and capabilities along with the roadmap for various functional areas. In addition, Oracle will highlight the strategic investment areas – what they are and why they are being focused on.

There is a whole slate of product-focused sessions that will provide information about all of the product areas. There will also be a number of panel discussions that include product experts from the development team, members of the customer staff and teams that represent what you can achieve with PeopleSoft, and members of the partner community.

Oracle will also be announcing and recognizing the next set of PeopleSoft Innovators at the conference.

PeopleSoft Themes at OpenWorld

At OpenWorld, PeopleSoft sessions will center around four main themes. Sessions on these topics will cover all applications and technology areas. The four themes include:

  1. PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Configuration and isolating customizations
  3. Chatbots and emerging technology
  4. Evolution of analytics


PeopleSoft Sessions at OpenWorld

On Monday, September 16, things will kick off with Paco Aubrejaun’s presentation “Overall PeopleSoft Product Update and Strategy” at 11:15 am. He will set the stage with what PeopleSoft is working on, new announcements, product demonstrations, and an overview of the strategic direction of PeopleSoft.

Immediately following Paco’s Monday session will be Rebekah Jackson’s presentation about “Strategic Initiatives for PeopleSoft” at 12:15 pm. She will again dive into what PeopleSoft is working on and why they are focusing on specific investment areas.

Within the session catalog, you will be able to find individual sessions on each of the four PeopleSoft themes.

There are also sessions for each of the main product areas on Monday, September 16. Here are some of the sessions that Jackson highlighted:


The Exchange at OpenWorld

Jackson urges PeopleSoft customers to head over to Moscone South to visit The Exchange, discussions areas, and kiosks that all house information that is valuable and available for PeopleSoft customers. There will be a kiosk for each of the PeopleSoft application areas and another for PeopleTools and technology.

The PeopleSoft Information Development team will be manning the kiosk and will be available to answer questions that you have about OpenWorld or PeopleSoft. They can also help you develop a custom session schedule to use while you’re at OpenWorld. If you give them information about your role, your product area, and the topics you are interested in, they will help you generate a custom session schedule.

The Applications Unlimited sales team will be in The Exchange to answer licensing questions you have. They can talk you through exploring a new product or getting a follow-up demonstration of a particular product or functional area.

PeopleSoft Reception at OpenWorld

The Quest PeopleSoft Reception at OpenWorld is a great way to network with the PeopleSoft community. The reception will take place Monday, September 16 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at EPIC Steak, Bay Room and Terrace. This is your chance to mingle with customers, partners, and Oracle representatives.

For more information about how to make the most of your OpenWorld experience, check out the video below or visit www.oracle.com/openworld.

Additional Resources

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PeopleSoft Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Preview