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PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Cash Forecasting (as of Image 25)


Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

A recent video that is part of the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series covered the topic of cash forecasting. Cash forecasting, or cash flow, is the modeling of the cash position over a specific timeframe. Check out these highlights from the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video for more information.

Understanding Cash Forecasting

Cash usually refers to a company’s total bank balance. Cash forecasting captures your company’s Treasury Position (Cash + Short-term Investments – Short-term Debt). PeopleSoft Cash Management provides a robust worksheet tool to manage your organization’s cash forecasting. You can configure the cash forecast dimensions and cash rules to meet your business needs. The cash forecast results enable cash managers to view the cash position in several dimensions.

Setting up Cash Forecasting

Setting up cash forecasting includes defining cash forecasting information. The following set of data has to be defined: time sets, position field types, forecast mapping, position source sets, position source, forecast rules, and worksheet definitions.

Processing Cash Forecasting

Use the “Calculate Time Spans” page to run the Treasury Position time spans process, which calculates periods for a specified time set. For the time set field, you can define periods with varying intervals such as daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly. The “Position Source SQL” page is used to enter the parameters and execute a process that creates the SQL defined for a position source. The position source SQL for cash forecasting is stored on the source.

Learn More

For more information and a demonstration of cash forecasting, check out the full video.


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PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Cash Forecasting (as of Image 25)