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PeopleSoft Talk With Marc Weintraub Featuring Paco Aubrejuan

In the latest episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of PeopleSoft, discusses updates to PeopleSoft and its ongoing investment strategy with Marc Weintraub. Paco explains that about five years ago, customers were complaining that the user experience was not mobile or simple enough. Customers were having challenges with upgrades, not being on the cloud and there was great delay in the time it took for it to be delivered in the future and getting it rolled out to the customers.

PeopleSoft has since responded to these complaints by now having a modern mobile application that works on phones and tablets. They have simplified business processes, especially for self-service users. With Selective Adoption, there are no longer upgrades which shortens the time between what is delivered in the future and when customers get to take it. PeopleSoft is available on Oracle Cloud and automated all of the cycle management processes, which means customers are able to get new features into the hands of end-users much quicker and at a lower cost. The nature of the “complaints” or “requests” has moved from being fundamental to features customers want.

Paco stressed that the most important thing to the product line is the customers. He said, “it’s important the customer community has an awareness of what we’re doing with the products and what they’re doing with the products.” To make that happen, PeopleSoft has worked hard to provide customers multiple ways to voice their opinions and stories – through Quest’s site where customer stories are posted about PeopleSoft customers doing things with PeopleSoft using some of the new capabilities; PeopleSoft Innovators where customers can submit stories about how they use some f the new strategic technologies; and through PeopleSoft Talk Interviews. Also, customers can go to the IdeaSpace to submit their ideas for enhancements, vote and comment on other ideas. Not to mention, you should join us at our Oracle COLLABORATE conference, COLLABORATE 18, to meet real users and talk about their journey.

If you want to learn more about some of the developments within PeopleSoft, check out the PeopleSoft Talk with Marc Weintraub featuring Paco Aubrejuan. You can also connect with the PeopleSoft Strategy Team at COLLABORATE 18, April 22-26, 2018, where Paco will be presenting the overall PeopleSoft roadmap. Follow our Twitter hashtag, #C18LV, for more updates!

PeopleSoft Talk With Marc Weintraub Featuring Paco Aubrejuan