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Register for Global PeopleSoft Day Today!

If you haven’t already, register for Global PeopleSoft Day today! Global PeopleSoft Day offers in-depth PeopleSoft education for a global community. This one-day event offers conference-quality virtual education at times tailored to those in locations outside the Americas. There will be six sessions offered throughout the day, and you can register for as many as you would like. The event is free to participate in.

After you register, you will be emailed calendar invites for each session. Simply click the links in the invites or use the live links on our site to join. All tools used as part of Global PeopleSoft Day are designed to work with both PC and Macintosh computers with an Internet connection. Sessions will take place on the GoToWebinar platform.

Session Descriptions

Global Payroll Enhancements for Administrators and Developers

Presented by Pravas Bhagat, Oracle

PeopleSoft Global Payroll has delivered several enhancements of the past years to make things easier for Payroll Developers and Administrators. Attend this session to learn about few of these utilities – Element Brower, Cobol Trace, and Administrator WorkCenter.

PeopleSoft Questionnaire Framework

Presented by Rahul Chauhan, Oracle

Several organizations use questionnaires or surveys in various processes. The PeopleSoft Questionnaire framework includes the Questionnaire build setup, question pool, answer pool, and smart answer pool. Attend this session to get an overview of the PeopleSoft Questionnaire Framework.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 8.0

Presented by Nagendra Krishnappa, Oracle

PeopleSoft Cloud manager 8 release enables managing production environments in cloud simpler – with new and exciting features such as On Demand Scaling, lift and shift using RMAN, Managing Custom Scripts, Import Database System, BM shapes support, Advance domain sizing configurations and more. Attend this session to know more about PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 8.

Event Mapping, DropZones and Personalized Analytic Notification

Presented by Ramasimha Rangaraju & Arokia Rajashekar, Oracle

PeopleSoft configurable drop zones allow you to extend the fields that are displayed and processed on delivered pages without customizing the component or fluid page definition.

PeopleSoft Personalized Analytics Notification can be used to inform you about a threshold violation. Applications can send out important notifications and system alerts using PAN. PeopleSoft Personalized Analytic Notifications extends the existing PivotGrid Thresholds to alert the users with Real-time Notifications on reaching a Threshold and allowing the end user to personalize the Threshold options.

Event mapping framework enables users to inject custom code to component/component field events without modifying the actual objects.

Attend this session to learn what PeopleTools 8.57 brings to you for Event Mapping, Drop Zones and Personalized Analytic Notification.

PeopleSoft Fluid Simplified Journal

Presented by Mohan Rajan, Oracle

Simplified journal entry allows users with administrator privilege to configure the fields that will appear on the Journal Entry page. Fields displayed on the Journal Entry page will be further restricted by the administrator based on the permissions granted to specific users. The PeopleSoft Fluid Simple Journal Entry has all the advantages of PeopleSoft Fluid technology. Fluid users can perform various tasks such as adding a new journal, editing journal, and posting journal. Simple Journal Entry also supports fluid approvals. Attend this session to get an overview of the PeopleSoft Fluid Simplified Journal.

PeopleSoft Supplier Scorecarding

Presented by Tadipatri Susarsan, Oracle

PeopleSoft Supplier Scorecard measures supplier performance against a set of targets to ensure suppliers are meeting the needs of the organization in a way that is acceptable. The Supplier Scorecarding process consists of evaluation templates containing weighted sections and questions which can be used to evaluate and score suppliers utilized by your organization. Evaluation responses can be solicited from users across an organization. Results are collected, validated, and posted making them available for review and analysis to help determine whether a supplier is performing up to the expectations of the organization. Attend this session to get an overview of the PeopleSoft Supplier Scorecarding.

To check the time of the webinar in your time zone or get registered to attend one of the sessions, visit the Global PeopleSoft Day page here.

Register for Global PeopleSoft Day Today!