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Selective Adoption Series - Step 3: Stay Informed

Now that we have covered Step 2 of a successful Selective Adoption strategy, “Implement a Test Automation,” we can discuss how to continue staying up-to-date with your Selective Adoption process. The ever-changing landscape of the PeopleSoft community requires that you stay informed with the latest information. We have heard from several customers about the importance of knowing what is out there and understanding what others are doing with new technology, especially Selective Adoption.

One of my favorite quotes about the importance of having multiple resources comes from Wendy Plante at NYU Langone Health System, “It’s important for customers to know that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” approach to Selective Adoption. The only “wrong” is to have NO approach. What works for one organization may not work for another – even if they are similar in their technology footprint or size.” Wendy’s point is that there isn’t one way to do it, it’s just important to get started, which means you should review multiple resources out there to pick what makes the most sense for you and your business needs.

Here are some of the latest resources from Quest about Selective Adoption and how customers are implementing and using it:

Oracle also has some great resources around Selective Adoption on the PeopleSoft Information Portal that I would recommend making sure to tag and favorite to get the latest updates.

Finally, here are some brief tips from Quest customers about the Selective Adoption process:

“Review the Image Update PDF document each time an image is released.” – Pamela Dymoke, Hennepin County

“It is a slow learning process. Have patience, collaborate with business and come up with a schedule and process. Anyone can be a PUM champion!” Arkalgud Venkatesh, Alameda County

“It is far simpler than it used to be and can help level load your SOW each year.” – Andrew Maxedon, Centene Corporation

Selective Adoption is a big mindset change. It needs clear explanation to the customers in simple terms with proper ROI justification.” – Subhendu Rath, Susan G. Komen

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